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How to tie a scarf-yoke with knitting needles

Tie a scarf with knitting needles - the primary task for any novice master. "so simple!" Offers not to stop and create an accessory, more stylish and modern.

Scarf-transformer - the development of Western designers, which can easily replace half a wardrobe ... it is knit in the form of a yoke, and combining different patterns, you can achieve amazing results.

Knitted scarf-transformer

How to tie a scarf-yoke with knitting needles

Scarf-yoke Not only with outer clothing, but also withDresses, sweaters, tunics. A multi-functional accessory can be tied in various ways, but the invariable choice is the choice of threads: they must be soft, elastic and keep the shape at the same time.

We offer 2 ways of knitting a stylish scarf-transformer: simple (for beginners) and more complex with a pattern of braids (for advanced needlewomen).

Knitted scarf-transformer (simple way)

Knitted scarf-transformer

You will need

  • 250 g of yarn (70% wool, 30% acrylic)
  • Spokes number 3,5
  • Sewing needle with a big eye


  1. Type 50 loops and knit a straight canvas with a "pearl" pattern. For 44 sizes (Russian), the length of the canvas is 140 centimeters.
    Knitted scarf-transformer
  2. You can increase the length of the product according to your dimensions and preferences. At the end of knitting the edges of the canvas.

Knitted scarf-transformer (pattern with braids)

Interlacing of braid or Arans look unusually attractive! Such patterns give the product an additional volume and density.

Knitted scarf-transformer

You will need (size 44)

  • 10 coils of yarn (70% wool, 25% acrylic, 5% polyamide with a density of 65 m per 50 g)
  • Spokes number 3.5 (for braids) and No. 4
  • Hook number 3,5


  1. Type 100 loops and knit linen according to this scheme. Length of the cloth for size 44 (Russian) - 150 centimeters.
    Knitted scarf-transformer
  2. When the product has reached the required length, close the loop, the scarf is slightly moistened, spread on a flat surface and let it dry completely.
  3. After drying, tie the product crochet on the front side with columns without a crochet in each loop. After this edge of the world.

A warm, beautiful and extraordinarily multifunctional scarf is ideal for a cold season. I can not do without it anymore!

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