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Saudi women

A few years ago on the Internet it was difficultFind something besides "horror stories" about the life of foreign women in Saudi Arabia. Many talk about how dangerous it is here, about living in isolation, that without a husband you can not go anywhere at all. This perception of Saudi Arabia is inherent in many foreigners.

Women in Saudi Arabia

But, frankly, all these horrors exist onlyIn the imagination of many. Because most of them, fearing they live in closed settlements, go by the route "home-work", they never happen and they do not communicate with the local people. Such people do not even try to find out if the truth is all that they have read and heard.

Yes, like in every country, there is a specificity here, but nothing awesome or particularly difficult for a foreigner.

Redaction "so simple!" Wants to talk about the work of foreigners in Saudi Arabia and about the peculiarities of their wives' lives.

Saudi women

  1. appearance
    In Saudi Arabia, it is not her husband who decides howLook and what kind of lifestyle should lead a woman, and the king. Because all women in this country should wear an abaya - a long dress with sleeves. Most do not see in this infringement of their rights - threw an abayu and ran on their own affairs.
    Women in Saudi Arabia
  2. transport
    There are no rules of the road at all, the roads are in complete chaos. It's very difficult to drive at first. Still the Saudis do not recognize seat belts and children's car seats.

    Woman driving in Saudi Arabia

    Women in the country can not drive a car. Since they do not have public transport, all ladies use a taxi or a personal driver. The second is more common, because not everyone Muslim husband Will release his wife with a taxi driver, it's better with a trusted family chauffeur.

  3. leisure
    Local women do not speak loudly orRunning around. They carry themselves like a precious vessel and do not look around. They leisurely go shopping, meet at breakfast with friends, go to visit and come up with different kinds of hobbies.

    Life of women in Saudi Arabia

    Life in Saudi Arabia Does not promise a lot of entertainment. Here for this there is only shopping and restaurants. There are a lot of shops here, and they are all huge. And in restaurants there are separate zones for single men and married women.

    How women live in Saudi Arabia

    By the way, in Saudi Arabia in free saleYou will not find alcohol. Any real alcohol here can be bought, but it will be inexpensive to cost. So many make home-made beer and wine.

  4. house
    The vast majority of local people live not in apartments, but in private homes. This is caused by the specifics of the local way of life, because with such large families in any apartment you can not fit.

    Almost every family has a servant. Without a driver anywhere. Families have many children, so a servant is hired to oversee the children. Service staff is not too expensive.

    Rights of women in Saudi Arabia

  5. Job
    In Saudi Arabia, a lot of foreignWorkers. Starting from housekeepers and ending with dentists. The most attractive is, of course, the salary. Here it is one of the highest in the world. And the working conditions are wonderful. Company-employers give a good social package in the form of payment for housing, school, car, insurance for the whole family.

    But most of the women who came withTheir husbands in Saudi Arabia, do not work. Women are considered only the profession of a doctor or teacher. For example, to become a realtor a woman is almost impossible.

The role of women in Saudi Arabia

Many foreigners in Saudi Arabia meet beautiful people who help to adapt, show interesting places, introduce local culture.

Most visitors do not stay there for many years, but almost all take with them only pleasant memories!