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Interior of a small kitchen

By and large, please their ownersA spacious and roomy kitchen can only apartments in new buildings. In the houses of the old fund, typical buildings of the 1950-1990s, the kitchens have very modest dimensions: 5-6, maximum 10 m².

Small kitchen interior

Yeah, in order to properly equip the kitchen-baby,You need to have the skill! Because to place in such a small space a furniture set, a refrigerator, a sink, a stove and other household appliances is not an easy task.

Small kitchen interior

Do not lose enthusiasm, "so simple!" Will tell you how to save and optimize Small kitchen space, So that it was convenient to cook and relax comfortably over a cup of tea.

Small kitchen interior

Convenience and functionality of any kitchenDefines the so-called "working triangle": a bundle of "refrigerator-sink-plate". Based on the location of the main working areas, further design of the room is projected.

Small kitchen interior

  1. Option standard No. 1: refrigerator by the window
    The scheme is simple, quite functional and suitable for those who have a washing machine in the bathroom.
    Refrigerator by the window
  2. Option standard number 2: refrigerator by the window
    The figures were rearranged, but, like in the first variant, there is not enough free space in the kitchen ...
    Refrigerator by the door
  3. Stove and sink by the window
    If you place a plate and a sink along the street wall near the window, you can put a refrigerator on the vacant place. Capacious bedside tables will allow you to store enough kitchen utensils.
    Workspace in the kitchen
  4. The main workspace at the window
    You can try to fit the working triangle near the window, and store the stored goods in the hanging lockers. There is much more room for maneuvers!
    Workspace in the kitchen
  5. Dining area in the living room
    If a family is allowed to eat in the living room, the task is simplified! The working space can be considerably expanded and the washing machine and dishwasher can be freely placed.
    Workspace in the kitchen
  6. Dining area by the window
    Replacing the windowsill with a wide table top, you can arrange a convenient place for lunch for two at the window.
    Workspace in the kitchen

Still think that 5 m² is a verdict and a headache? Even on such a modest area you can create coziness! And notice, without the demolition of the walls ...

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