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How to make a mat with your own hands

Using old things or the remains of yarn that will be found in the bins of each hostess, you can make Lovely mat, Which will refresh the interior and give the home heart of originality.

There are many techniques of weaving carpets from completely different materials. Choose the most interesting idea - and for the cause!

Redaction "so simple!" Collected a few original ideas how to decorate your home with homemade cozy rugs and mats!

How to make a mat with your own hands

  1. Carpet of old things
    An excellent reason to get out of the closet and get rid of old clothes.
    How to make a carpet of old things
  2. Woven rug
    This bright decor will undoubtedly decorate any room in the house!
    Carpet of old things

    A rug of old things with your own hands


    Making such a carpet is a very fascinating process!

    Carpet yourself from the yarn

    Carpet with your hands from the cord


  3. Bright braided rug of rope and wool
    Cardboard, scissors, a rope and a yarn of different thickness - everything, that is necessary for weaving such magic carpet.
    Braided mat

    Wicker mat
  4. Luxurious openwork carpets
    Such a handmade carpet will decorate any interior. A carpet with a diameter of 80 cm will require about 700 grams of yarn.
    Open-work carpet with your own hands

    Crocheted carpet

    How to tie an openwork carpet
  5. A little patience - and voila, an exclusive piece of decor is ready!

  6. Carpet of multicolored pom-poms
    Such a soft and fluffy rug will serve as an excellent addition to a bedroom or a children's room.
    Carpet with your hands from pompoms
  7. Make pom-poms with your own hands is not difficult. You can play with colors and sizes to make the rug extraordinary!

  8. Stylish round rope rug
    Carpet from the rope with your own hands

    Carpet from rope

    Such a practical rug is very easy to make by yourself. And most importantly, that there is little cost and the thing will turn out to be exclusive!

    How to make a carpet from a rope


Do not be lazy and always use one of the ideas, and maybe all at once. Your guests will certainly appreciate such an exclusive piece of decor!