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Tips for Runners

They say that it is better to run in training than to then run to the pharmacy. And this is true, because running is the source of eternal youth. With regular and regular lessons in this sport you can improve health And improve well-being.

And most importantly - running is available and versatile. It is suitable for both young and old. Women and men prefer it in equal measure. Forward - for a run!

Tips for runners

  1. Pick up the right shock absorbing shoes
    If you seriously thought about running in the morning, then,To maintain the health of the legs, you need to run not in sneakers, but in cushioning shoes. It should have a special heel, support the arch of the foot, 0.5 centimeter of free space in the sock. Change sneakers after every 600-800 kilometers of run. Use knee joints with the support of cruciate ligaments.
  2. Learn technique of running
    If you run without studying the technique, then you spend 50-70% more energy. As a consequence, after such training of forces and the desire to run again does not arise. Do not forget about the right breathing.
  3. Start with small
    Learn to get up early, wear sports clothes and just walk fast at least 15 minutes a day. In two weeks you will develop a habit and it will be much easier to run to you.
  4. Do not forget to restore the water balance in the body
    During the running the person not only actively sweats,His breathing also increases, which means that the water leaves the body even faster and in large quantities. Drink as much water as you lost during running, - every 15-20 minutes, 150-350 milliliters.
  5. Running girl

  6. "high five"
    "Give five" - ​​a ritual that unites runners,Which also energizes. Running past the same athlete, for 15 meters, look him straight in the eye, smile and just stretch your open palm. Men will definitely reciprocate. Girls do not always dare, or take this gesture for trying to get acquainted.
  7. Warm-up
    Before running, always start to warm up from below - feet, calves, knees, quadriceps, pelvis, spine.
  8. Pay attention
    Never use the vacuum headphones while running and always look in both directions. You need to be very careful.
  9. Learn your heart rate with a heart rate monitor
    According to the latest recommendations, if a personHealthy, in the first few months of training should adhere to the pulse of 120 beats per minute. If your pulse while running is greater, then it is better to start with a quick walk or reduce the tempo. Although here the indicators are individual.
  10. Be faithful to what you do
    When you start, it will be impossible to stop ...

The popular TV presenter opra winfri says: "running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you receive from him as much as you invest in it." With this we can not disagree.

Reasons to run a lot. Run to health and share this useful article with your friends!