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Geodesic dome

It seems odd Norwegian family Benjamin and Ingrid Giertefolger mayTo envy many. But not everyone will dare to change their life so abruptly. From 2013 a family of 6 people live under a geodesic dome 1000 km from the oslo, beyond the Arctic Circle.

It would seem, how in a sensible mind a person can choose for himself such a distant place of dwelling?

Geodetic dome house

But do not hurry to draw conclusions, because members of this family with such a talking name (Hjertefølger - "he who follows his heart") - these geniuses!

Geodesic dome

Geodesic dome

His unique house Ingrid and Benjamin built with their own hands, along with friends and neighbors. The house is made of Absolutely harmless materials: Clay, straw, granite, wood.

Outside the house is surrounded by a geodesic dome. This spherical structure has good bearing qualities and protects the dwelling from the heavy northern wind and bad weather.

Domed house

Because the house is not exposed to the environment, there is another significant plus: to clean the house is not difficult, there is much Less dust in the air.

Domed house with their own hands

Life in the domed house

Under the dome is located garden, Where a desperate family grows vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Unusual house

Unique home design

For watering plants, the water already used for domestic needs is filtered.

Unique house

In the house of 3 floors, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage and roof terrace. There is even a corner for Yoga classes!!

Interior in the domed house

At any time of year in this secluded corner of the planet is incredibly beautiful!

The most unique house

The atmosphere behind the polar circle is unique. It is difficult to convey in words. Here you really feel what true beauty and peace are, because right from the windows you can watch Northern Lights!!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Norway

Ingrid argues that Would not trade His home for one luxurious mansion. Because according to the woman, this place radiates calmness and makes her loved ones happy.

Despite the harsh conditions, Life after the Arctic Circle Can be indescribably beautiful. The main thing is to build the right house!