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Unusual horoscope

Astrologers are convinced that our addictions in food are guided by the stars. If you study your favorite food of the zodiac signs, you can surprise your relatives and friends with delicious and favorite dishes.

Redaction "so simple!" Offers to know what dishes are driving the minds of representatives of different signs of the zodiac.

Unusual horoscope

Guess that prefer ardent rams, it is not difficult. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac just love all kinds of travel, including gastronomy. The rams are flattered by spicy and burning food.

Their absolute favorite - Italian cuisine: fragrant paste, generously strewn with parmesan, all kinds of bruschettes, risotto, lasagna, mmmm ... well and without a glass of good red wine!

Culinary horoscope for 2017

Exotic food is a rare experiment for the calf. This sign of the zodiac prefers the old good home cooking, which has been warmly felt since childhood. Aromatic potato with herring, buckwheat porridge with butter, a slice of still warm bread and a glass of homemade milk are the leaders in the list of favorite dishes of calf.

From meat, Taurus prefers beef in all sorts of its manifestations, adores various herbs and green vegetables. And for dessert, with pleasure, she will eat both pie and sweet fruit.

Culinary horoscope for 2017

This is an unpredictable and contradictory sign. They equally adore both Kamchatka crabs and pelmeni with ketchup! The best meat for twins is a bird. This sign does not represent his life without a glass of vanilla ice cream and a slice of cheesecake for dessert!

Culinary horoscope for every day

Crayfish simply adore all kinds of seafood! But at the same time, they are devoted to their sentimental nature and are always happy to eat cutlets, which Granny cooked in childhood, or stuffed fish on the recipe of his beloved aunt.

Cancers are devoted to their habits and are attached to dishes, as well as to people. At the same time such trembling crayfish does not mind eating exotic mango or papaya.

Food by the sign of the zodiac

a lion
It's predators to the tip of the tail! Steak, chops, all sorts of cutlets - the adored food of the brutal sign. Vegetable salad or fish lions will only eat when the circumstances are ordered. But the fruit of predators eat with great joy, especially pineapples and oranges.

Sweets - this is another lion's weakness. Because without a home pie with berries can not do, if you invited a lion for a cup of tea.

Food preferences by zodiac signs

Born devotees, virgins fanatically tied to healthy food: turkey, veal, steamed vegetables and patties, all sorts of porridges and useful soups - what the model sign prefers in the first place.

Grenades, strawberries and peaches, maidens are able to break around the clock! But the sweet virgins are indifferent, except that bitter chocolate can please them.

Addiction to food by zodiac signs

Almost all representatives of this sign are culinary aesthetes. Exquisite meat, tender salmon with cream sauce, salad with prosciutto and sun-dried tomatoes make a fool of the aristocratic sign of the zodiac.

Scales just love all kinds of aromatic pastries, mouth-watering desserts and fresh tropical fruits! Home "Napoleon" - a paradise for the scales.

Dishes by the signs of the zodiac

Modest scorpions prefer spicy andSpicy dishes. They will not give up soup with meatballs, home borsch and herring under a fur coat. In the matter of eating scorpions adhere to traditional views, the main thing is to serve a dish with the right sauce.

Often some representatives of this sign can meet a sudden craving for a variety of oysters, scallops and shrimp. But citrus they are dearer than the sweetest desserts!

Food by the signs of the zodiac

Just an omnivore! Archers are real international gourmets. Adore French julienne, Hungarian goulash and Russian okroshka with kvass. The most popular seasonings for archers are ketchup and mustard.

Most representatives of this sign are indifferent to the sweet. But some still prefer dates, dried apricots, dried berries and other dried fruits.

Unusual horoscope

This conservative sign once and for allTied to the dishes that once fell in love. So it's not difficult to guess what to please a gourmet-Capricorn. Nevertheless, even the puppets require variety, so they are not averse to experimenting with exotic dishes.

Spicy and hot sauces they add wherever they can! Capricorns go crazy with all kinds of cheesecakes, cheese cakes and casseroles. Well, and where without the chocolate dessert!

What do archers eat

Aquarius - curious children in the world of cooking! Their heart is worried about dishes that they have never tasted. Because the representatives of this sign will never abandon the culinary experiment and will gladly try frog legs or ostrich liver, for example.

What do the rams eat

Fish like a fish, it's without a doubt, andAbsolutely everything. Some fish will agree to a meat steak, however, if you toast it to a crisp crust. But when it comes to sweets - fish lose their minds! These sweeties just love homemade cakes, especially with cherry jam.

Interesting horoscope

Hope this Culinary horoscope Inspired you to cook for loved ones with pleasure and only the most delicious!