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Rating of the signs of the zodiac

You surely love Read horoscopes, Especially if they promise something good. Astrologers argue that people of a certain zodiac sign are united by common features of character and style of behavior.

In this article "so simple!" Decided to find out, Which sign of the zodiac is the most incorrect. We'll start rating from the end, so wait a bit, and you'll find out who you need to be afraid of.

Rating of the signs of the zodiac

12th place - Scorpion

Yes, almost everyone wants to scorpionsWomen, but this is the surest sign. The second shocking news is that not all women are ready to accept such fidelity. It is worth noting that the scorpion does not change, not because he is a loving father, a faithful husband, but because he sees no reason to seek a new victim, while the old one is still quite fit. So that both men and women need to keep themselves in excellent shape so that this sign will remain true.

11th place - Capricorn

Capricorns do not change, because they do not see thisMeaning. Once they made so much effort to win their soul mate, that the intrigue on the side seems to them an absurdity. They have an intimate life, sincere conversations are also present, so that there is no logic in the change. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, but very rarely.

10th place - Taurus

The bull is good, his life is onStandard scheme: after work home, for the weekend with the family to relatives, in summer at the cottage. He does not see the point of losing all this for a passing passion. Then have to look for a new soul mate and so on. In general, the fear of loss and laziness give this sign of loyalty in a married life.

9th place - Aquarius

If the aquarius is dissatisfied with something, he will divorce. He sincerely believes that changing ignoble, ugly and unhygienic. Yes, this sign likes to lie well, but it is, rather, art and fun for the sake of. And various intrigues do not interest him at all.

8 place - scales

If the scales have the opportunity to have an affair onSide, they begin to think everything over and weigh the possible pros and cons of this situation. For thinking they spend so much time, that very often the possibility of betrayal goes away on its own. But they are not much upset about this.

7 place - the virgin

There are among the virgins those who are not against treason. To intimacy they are simple, therefore fleeting intrigues do not seem to them something inappropriate. But even if representatives of this sign have several novels at the same time, then hardly anyone will know about it. Maidens have the ability to get out of any situation.

6th place - fish

Fish think about betrayal day and night, this thought does not leave them. But this is all fantasy and they will never become a reality. To change this sign will be solved only if it falls in love.

5 place - lion

Lions do not change, while partners praise them andDemonstratively adore. But the representatives of this sign do not mind that they are adored by as many people as possible. While for them, absolutely not important sex as such. Much more important, when they know that the lion is damn beautiful, and everything is crazy about him.

4 place - twins

For many twins fidelity has no specialMeaning. They prefer not to live by the rules and follow certain principles. Twins hate restrictions in any form, in private life - even more so. Constant lovers are rare, because monotony is boring.

3 place - cancer

Here's a surprise! Crayfish are considered the most modest, family, gentle and caring sign. But also quietly they go to the left. regularly. Yes, there must be at least one flaw, let it be.

2 place - Aries

The rams are looking for their ideal all their lives. Sooner or later they find it. But time does not stand still, and therefore the rams go in search of a new perfection.

1 st place - Sagittarius

Here it is, the most incorrect sign of the zodiac! According to statistics, archers marry and marry much more often than other signs. And the reason at all not that spouses tire of their changes. Archers become tired of constancy. Such a sad reality.

Of course, you should not take this rating close toHeart. Everything is very individual and depends on many factors. Because even the most inveterate betrayer, sooner or later, can become a faithful man, who has everything excellent in relationships and betrayal of him to anything.

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