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Universal cabinet

If your favorite hobby or work requires a lotPlaces for storing various tools, fabrics, all kinds of containers with paint or all sorts of other little things, then this fantastic thing will please you!

this Unique workbox cabinet Was created specifically for creative individuals to help them organize the workspace in the best possible way!

Universal cabinet

Outwardly it is a completely ordinary and inconspicuous piece of furniture. But just open the door!

Universal cabinet

Inside is the real study: Table, 74 adjustable shelves, 74 boxes of ideal size for storage of things, 13 mobile containers with a zip, additional shelves for storage under the folding table.

Comfortable working place

The work table is equipped with a Power supply Your computer or printer.

Comfortable working place at home

By the way, for the latter there is a separate place.

How to make a comfortable workplace

The organizer has 10 wheels, which makes it use Incredibly convenient: The doors are easily extended and retracted.

Place for work

Such a fantastic thing costs neither more nor less than 1,500 €! Placing an order on the manufacturer's website, after 4-5 weeks you will receive 11 boxes and Assembly instruction Wonder cabinet.

A workplace for creativity

The instruction is very simple, so in a few hours you will be working space In his own apartment. It remains only to fill it with contents!

How to organize a place for creativity

We are convinced that this wonderful idea will inspire you to create your unique workspace or workshop where magic will be created!