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How to make shoes with your own hands

Vietnamese and dense warm threads - everything thatYou will need to create these wonderful boots! Of course, you need to have crochet skills. When I saw this idea, I became fired with the desire to learn this skill, although I do not have enough handicraft. but Knitted shoes Looks extraordinary!

In the summer we wrote about the wonderful blue slippers-moccasins made in this way. Today is a warm and cozy winter variant!

How to make shoes with your own hands

How to make shoes with your own hands

You will need

  • 2 coils of woolen thread
  • Rubber flip flops
  • hook
  • awl
  • 3 buttons
  • scissors

Of course, in the cold in such boots you will not go out,Even walk around the private house. Rather, it's a home option for the winter! But in the autumn and in the spring - it is quite possible to go out into the street, the footwear looks unmatched.

Shoes with my own hands photo

Stylish and inexpensive knitted boots! See how it's done: below will be a more detailed instruction. If you already know how to handle a crochet, it's worth keeping your instructions for the future. I think this is a great idea for a gift!


  1. To begin with, you need to cut off the unnecessary part of the veneer, we will only work with the sole.
    How to make shoes with your own hands photo
  2. Make a marking, the holes will be located evenly along the entire perimeter of the sole.
    Shoes with my own hands photo
  3. It remains only to tie the sole crochet! Below is a video in which the process of work is visually demonstrated. In the end it will only be necessary to attach the buttons, and Original shoes Ready!
    Knitted shoes photo

Well, how can you not want to connect this beauty? I hope video instructions will help you create a unique thing, because no one else will have such shoes.

What a tempting idea! Why not tie these slippers to a child? Share with your friends an amazing example of how old flip flops can turn into a wonderful knitted shoes. Praise the golden hands that can all ...