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Best songs of Stas Mikhailov

It's hard to find someone who does not hear at least one of his songs ... a favorite of women, the golden voice of the era, Stas mihailov Sings about the main thing in life - faith, children and love, of course.

Singer stas mihailov

Songs by Stas Mihailov Sincere and sincerely sincere. Constant concerts, an army of jubilant admirers, thousands of bunches of flowers: whatever you say, folk love really deserves it!

Singer stas mihailov

Best songs of Stas Mihailov

Stas mihaylov is always honest and frank withViewers. Repeatedly, thanks to the audience vote, he was awarded the "Golden Gramophone" and "Song of the Year" awards. "You need to be happy with what you have. And thank God for what is not. Then we are just not yet ready for this "- that's his motto for life!

Singer stas mihailov

"so simple!" Decided to make a surprise for his readers by collecting video from Best clips of Stas Mihailov. for the soul!

His work touches the most hidden corners of the human soul. Which song does not include, in each so much sense, wisdom, beauty ...

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