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Armchair-bag with own hands

In 1968, designers from italy Francisco Teodoro, Cesare Paolini and Piero Gatti decided to challenge the furniture industry by building something quite different from the usual boring Armchairs and sofas...

They came up with a bag of pvc water. Innovative idea liked industrialist aurelio zanotta, who suggested to replace the film with a soft cloth, and water - on Foam filler. The thing was so simple and ingenious at the same time that it immediately became megapopular.

Frameless bag chair

as soon as bag chair Not called: a chair-bean, a pear-chair, a frameless armchair, a big-ben, a chair-pillow ... its essence remains unchanged-to give comfort. With instruction from "so simple!" You can easily get this by sewing yourself!

Frameless bag chair

Chair-bag with your own hands

manufacturing technology Frameless chair It's quite simple, anyone who has had to use a needle will be able to cope.

You will need

  • 2.5 x 1.4 m of fabric for the inner cover (fairly dense and well stretching)
  • 2,5 х 1,4 m fabrics for an external cover (the dense cotton, a velor, a fabric for an upholstery of furniture, a leatherette)
  • 200-300 l of expanded polystyrene (filler in the form of foam balls)
  • 1 zipper 50 cm for the inner case
  • 1 zipper 100 cm for outer case
  • Strong threads
  • Paper for building patterns (suitable old wallpaper or newspaper)
  • 2 Velcro strings 10 cm long (for fastening the covers to each other)


  1. Build Pattern. The standard seat-bag consists of 6 wedges,2 round or hexagonal details (the upper one is bigger, the lower one is smaller) and handles. The view of the chair does not change much from whether the bottom is round or hexagonal.
    Bag-chair pattern
  2. Transfer the pattern to the cloth And cut out all the details, not forgetting the allowances for seams (1-1.5 cm).
  3. First, the inner case, connecting the wedges. In the last seam of lice Zipper Smaller size.
  4. Prishe bottom, for convenience, attaching it pre-pins to the wedges.
  5. In the same way, the outer cover is sewn together. To the inner side of the top of the forehead 2 Velcro, and on the outer side of it a handle. It's easy to make: cut out a rectangle from the fabric, fold upside-down by half, stitch along the edge and turn it out.
    Bag-chair pattern
  6. When 2 cases are ready, you can fill the bag Expanded polystyrene. Very important moment, because small balls have the property of crumbling and sticking to all surfaces, and it's extremely difficult to assemble them!

    In the hole with a zipper insert the neck down the cut Plastic bottle (It turns out something like a funnel) and slowly fill the filling, filling the bag with 2/3 of the volume. You can make a funnel made of paper. Fill the bag, zip up the zipper.

    Filler for seat-bag

  7. Put on the outer cover, connect the Velcro. Zip up the lightning and enjoy a wonderful armchair made by yourself!
    Bag-chair pattern

The embodiment of comfort and coziness! Just a treat for the back and waist, and for a pregnant tummy - in general an indispensable thing. However, in due course it will be necessary to add more filler, so that the chair would keep its shape.

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