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Vishnevsky ointment for acne

Ointment Vishnevsky, or liniment balsamic (according to Vishnevsky), - the strongest antiseptic and disinfectantmeans. But few people pay attention to him in the pharmacy. And in vain! Moreover, with the help of this drug you can solve serious problems with the skin, so also it costs a mere penny.

Vishnevsky ointment

Vishnevsky ointment from acne

surgeon a. at. Vishnevsky In 1927, mixing birch tar, xerobes andCastor oil, received the formulation in the form of an ointment with important functions. Birch tar increases the flow of blood to the tissues, the xerog form powder acts antiseptically, and castor oil helps other substances to penetrate the skin better.

Vishnevsky a. at.

  1. To cure a ripening boil orCarbuncle, attach to it a folded a few times a piece of gauze, soaked in ointment. Wear a pad all day, then take off and squeeze the inflamed skin with alcohol. Ointment effectively draws pus.

    If the abscess has already formed, then after its opening apply bandages with antibacterial ointments or with hypertonic solution.

    Vishnevsky ointment from acne

  2. At the first signs of a spotted acne doBandage as described above and fix it with adhesive tape. Leave for the night, and then wipe the pimple with an alcohol-containing lotion. It is better to spend manipulation at home on the weekend, when you do not need to go anywhere. Pimple squeezing impossible!
  3. Ointment helps to draw painful, so-called subcutaneous pimples, which do not pass for a long time. Do it overnight Compress with ointment of Vishnevsky, And in the morning you will see that the situation has changed significantly. Then it remains only to cure the matured pimple.
  4. Vishnevsky ointment is indispensable for the treatment of bedsores in bedridden patients, as it enhances blood circulation in tissues.
  5. Trophic ulcers, often formed on the feet of diabetics, are also successfully treated with this drug. Ointment stimulates nerve endings, skin regenerates faster, ulcers gradually tighten.
    Vishnevsky ointment from acne
  6. And burns and frostbite are treated with this ointment since the time of the Great Patriotic War. The skin heals faster without scarring. Vishnevsky was called the healer of soldiers' wounds ...

Vishnevsky a. at.

Carried away by the newest antibiotics, surgeonsForgot about the ointment of Vishnevsky and appoint it not so often. But in everyday life it is still indispensable and should be in every home medicine cabinet. Firstly, it is a means of a wide spectrum of action, and secondly, when properly applied, it does no harm.

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