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Ideas for beds

For tenants of private houses and summer cottages owners- it's a special time when on your site you can embody the most daring ideas, turning the world around into a magical garden, a lush flower garden or an unusual park. Investing your love and work, you will certainly enjoy the rest in such a garden. Nice to please the eye will be Flower beds in the yard, Especially when the first spring flowers bloom on them.

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of beautiful design ideas Spring beds. When selecting plants, it should be noted, inWhat period they will blossom. And this means that the flowering scheme should be thought out very well. Especially carefully you need to create a flower bed. If you do not guess with the flowering time of plants, it will look pretty dull.

Ideas for beds

  1. Decorate the plot with flowers along the perimeter of the plot. So the whole of your yard will look delicious.
  2. It's not true that only those who choose monoclubs,Who wants to save, suffer from laziness or lack of imagination. Within a certain type of plant are so diverse that one can create from them a small miracle that pleases the eye.
  3. Tulips ... a little Dutch in your garden.
  4. Very interesting idea!
  5. Coloristics - the first thing that a gardener should study.
  6. A feeling that it is not a courtyard, but an exotic island.
  7. Although on the street, but still in the pots. Looks very cute.
  8. Was an unsightly vat, but a flower bed of incredible beauty turned out.
  9. Consider the size of the flowers so that tall plants do not hide from the sun and your eyes are low.
  10. Different types of flowers of the same scale look very noble.
  11. a small bit of happiness.
  12. Just see how the transition from light shades to dark has been sustained.
  13. Pink is one of the main colors of the coming spring.
  14. It will look great near the entrance to the house.
  15. Green - the perfect color for the background of any flowerbed.

Creating a flower bed - this is an unlimited platform for your imagination. Here to the place any ideas and experiments. The flower bed can become a work of art that sets the tone of the entire homestead territory and makes it unique and original.

Tell us in the comments what flowers you prefer to use for your flower bed, and do not forget to share ideas with your friends!