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Jewish children

It would seem, there is no such cult of children as the Jewish people in any other culture. Jewish principles Education are filled with love for a small child,Because the main precept here is to love and cherish your child. Such upbringing is very demanding for parents, because they should be the main example for their children.

Redaction "so simple!" It offers to understand what The secret of Jewish upbringing And why Jewish children are more genius than others.

Jewish education of children

Jewish children

  1. My child does not have and there can be no shortcomings
    A Jewish mother will never tell her son thathe is bad. She will wonder why such a good and intelligent boy did so stupidly! Because in any case it is impossible to create complexes for children. It is likely that Jewish mothers see shortcomings in their child. But why would anyone know about this?
  2. Always praise your child
    Jewish parents admire even the mostTrifling achievements of your child, whether it's the first sound or the first unskillful note on the pianoforte. The child should see that he is praised in the presence of friends and acquaintances. Well, if the child's achievements are very significant, then you can not do without ovations!

    In such circumstances, a small person develops an understanding that he is loved and appreciated, and in the future he will try to match the high bar that was set before him.

    Jewish education

  3. Reasonable freedom and rigidity of requirements
    Jewish education is a spacious room, butWith rigid walls. Do not behave like a formidable judge, do not shout, do not blame, do not pull back. Do this only if the child crosses the limits of what is permissible. Because pour my mother's French perfume into the toilet - not a crime, but to hit my grandmother - in no event!
  4. Parents are role models
    Children are sensitive creatures, they absorb informationAround yourself. The child blindly imitates all the words, gestures and mimicry of his parents. If you do not want to see a copy of your negative character traits in a decade, try to show the child only positive ones.

    Jews believe that every said thoughtless word or deed committed in front of the child can have the most negative consequences.

  5. Love and respect in the family
    If the child knows that the relationship of the parentsImpregnated with love and mutual respect, caring for each other and for the child, he will feel protected and happy. Having mastered this, in the future the child will create in his family the same atmosphere of kindness and love.
    Effective Jewish education
  6. Independence from a small age
    It is necessary to teach the child from childhood thatTo be constantly engaged in business is normal. School, cello, French - Jewish kids do not have time to be lazy and carelessly hang out with friends around the yards in search of adventure.

    It is necessary to teach the child to count only onHimself, because one day he will have to do without his parents. Teach the child to follow the time on their own, after all, being late for school is his concern and only. Strive to educate an independent person in the child.

  7. To be a parent is a real profession
    Where you direct your strength, from there you get it. If you initially consider family life as a burden, then you can not create a happy family and raise a good child. Here is the first and most important principle of education - the acquisition of the profession "wife and mother."

    By the way, you can get acquainted with the Jewish system of upbringing at special courses for parents. Such courses are with synagogues around the world.

    Jews about the upbringing of children

Share these simple truths with friends, because such principles of education must be known to every responsible parent!