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"so simple!" Do not get tired of delighting your favorite readers! Today we will share the most lovely master class, which will inspire each hostess to create stunning Decorative pillows. Such a product will not only decorate the interior, but will also become a favorite children's toy.

Pillow owl own hands master class


You will need

  • Paper (it is better to use a special - millimeter)
  • Scraps of cloth
  • Sintepon or cotton wool
  • 2 buttons (big beads will also fit)
  • needle
  • Thread
  • Adhesive for fabric


  1. According to the parameters indicated on the photo, make a pattern for the details of the future pillow. Then gently cut out of the fabric all three parts of the future product.
    Pillow owl own hands master class
  2. Prepare a solid round base for the future pillow. Connect two triangular parts with a needle and thread, for reliability you can use a sewing machine.
    Pillow owl own hands master class
  3. Turning out the product, you will get a small pyramid. Separate its upper part with a pin, then fill the product with a synthon. A solid pillow base.
    Pillow owl own hands master class
  4. Bending the tissue tip and sewing it to the main part of the cone, you will get an owl beak and ears.
    Pillow owl own hands master class
  5. From pieces of white fabric, cut a few circles and sewn them on the sides of the beak. Over the circles of the buttons or beads.
    Pillow owl own hands master class

See also in this video how to make a big Pillow-owl Of a man's shirt.

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