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Character traits of a man

The regularity between the date of birth of a person and his fate definitely exists. A variety of horoscopes serve as evidence of this. if you want to Understand the character of a man, Then pay attention to the month of his birth! As it turned out, this simple factor affects the character of the man as a whole, predetermines his attitude to the family, work, love.

Redaction "so simple!" Offers you to finally understand the mysteries of male psychology and make sure that your man is certainly the best!

Character of a man by month of birth

Character traits of men

  1. January
    The first month of the year gives men great powerWill, purposefulness, ambition. January man makes the life of his companion stable and comfortable. True, men born in January, mean to romantic and unexpected actions, because following a clear schedule is above all. So not everyone can find a common language with them.

    In relations with the January husband, one needs to show less arrogance and Endless patience. He is somewhat selfish and often jeopardizes relationships with loved ones. But if it concerns work, then the January man has no equal: he is calm, stable and very hardworking.

  2. February
    February man - a real altruist, idealist and romantic. If you were lucky enough to become a muse for this Poetical soul - rejoice! Because the family for the February husband is a real shrine. In the work is quite stubborn, does not consider it necessary to listen to other people's advice. By the way, the abilities of such men are most often disclosed after 30 years.
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  3. March
    A man born in March - wise and balanced intellectual. March men are very inventive,Have an inexhaustible imagination and constantly strive to improve themselves and others. Easily come out of difficult situations, because they can make swift decisions.

    Such men love life and try to get the most out of it. So that in affairs of love they are often windy.

  4. April
    A man born this month, seeks to achieve recognition in society and build a successful career. he - Business man. Whatever the man does, sooner or later he will become a master craftsman.

    In a relationship he is romantic, passionate and completely not jealous. Calm, agreeable and conscientious April man is definitely a pet of the mother-in-law!

    Character of a man by date of birth

  5. May
    The man of May is a true esthete. He has a weakness for good music, beautiful things and chic women. In love, he surrounds the object of passion with care and attention. Although often Liable to temptations And can go to treason. As a rule, a May man is lucky in his work, self-assured. Loves to engage in mental work, so the intellectual side of life catches him more household.
  6. June
    June man - Freedom-loving individualist. He knows what he wants, and moves swiftly to it. Very talented and resourceful, he easily finds a way out of the most difficult situation.

    The first month of summer makes a man passionate,Amorous and terribly jealous. So that a man born in June can not leave without a trace of a relationship, he constantly suffers from his own groundless jealousy.


  7. July
    Men born in July are considered the most caring family man and faithful husbands. Although they have quite a character Hard and cynical. July man - assertive and aggressive inAchievement of the set goals. At the same time, behind the rigid shell is an incredible honesty and decency. Such a man never betrays and always keeps his word.
  8. August
    August man - an exemplary family man, faithful husband and attentive father. as Real knight, He is ready to come to the aid of the weak and restore justice. Has a high intelligence and a flexible mind, is an excellent leader and leader.

    As for love affairs, a man born in the end of summer chooses a lady of the heart once and for life. Because of this, he often suffers from unrequited love.

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  9. September
    Men of September - very windy people, todayThey want one, and tomorrow - absolutely another. And this feature extends to all spheres of life. At the same time, such men possess an astute mind, resourcefulness and Incredible artistry.

    Are very attached to the family, but at home they prefer to yield to the leading position of the wife. Because a September man just adores when he is taken care of!

  10. October
    October man differs incredible sincerity, sincerity and, strangely enough, Caprice. This guy has extremely developed logical thinking, intuition and leadership abilities. Likes to lead both at work and at home.

    In love, the October man is romantic and gentle. Appreciates decency in the relationship, because it negatively relates to treason. Because love for him is responsibility and serious obligations.

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  11. November
    A man born in November, has a very strong character. His charisma is admired all around! He has a very positive character: a good conversationalist, a loyal friend, a romantic lover, a loving father ... what else do you want?

    But wait for the hasty conclusions! Will have to try hard to tame such a man, because he just adores personal freedom and does not hurry to knit himself in the bonds of marriage.

  12. December
    The representative of the stronger sex, born in December, is incredibly hardworking and is able to perform the most difficult work in two counts. as True adventurer, He adores all kinds of travel and adventure, constantly striving to develop and gain new experience. December man - a wonderful family man, an attentive husband and a caring father.

    Aims to provide the family with everything necessary andIt's great for him. However, in order to interest such a man, do not limit his freedom. Because life on a short leash will destroy his most powerful qualities.

    Character of a man by month of birth December

These facts are not scientifically proven, but there is still some truth in them, do not you agree? Share these interesting arguments with friends, they will certainly be amused by this view of the male character!