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How emotions affect health

All people are so different. But no matter how much we differ from each other, it is common for all to experience the same emotions. Fear, anger, disgust, surprise, sadness, contempt, joy and happiness ... on the basis of these basic emotions, their variations and diverse feelings.

The mechanism of the emergence of emotions is rather complex and has not been fully studied - the release of certain hormones affects emotional condition As well as various lifeOf the situation. One thing is clear: the more negative in a person's life, the more destructive emotions he passes through himself every day, the worse the health.

Consider carefully this "Wheel of emotions". The Chinese believed that the cause of all the ailments is hidden in our experiences ... it seems to me that this is indeed so!

The impact of emotion on health

Wheel of emotions

Disruptions in the work of the nervous system, excessive nervousness and irritability, stress and constant disorders - Killer of immunity Rights. It is worth remembering that everything in our body is connected, and if one organ does not work well, this causes pathologies in all other systems.

To live is to feel, emotions and feelings can not be avoided anywhere. They fill the world with different shades and help to better understand it. What we can do for our health - learn to live More positive emotions And reject negative.

There are many ways how to achieve this,Everyone chooses the most suitable for themselves. Remember that a positive emotion is a kind of reward to the body for the fact that everything was done correctly and the expectations were justified.

When we plan something and do it, we inevitably experience satisfaction, And vice versa - unrealized plans are the cause of disappointment, misery and grief. In your power to increase the number of positive emotions that you attend!

Rejoice, so that you will not be sick. More positive emotions - fewer health problems, remember this!