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What is made of plastic bottle caps

This article is not about hand-made articles. You will be surprised to find out, What can be done from plastic covers In planetary scales.

Plastic is a material that can be recycled. To our great joy, the tradition of recycling packaging is gradually becoming more and more important, because where to put them, waste? You can not burn, because the atmosphere is polluted. Burying in the ground is also unacceptable, the land hurts. Throw in the sea and the oceans - blasphemy.

What is made of plastic covers

What is made of plastic bottle caps

One journalist, traveling in spain, constantlyWas amazed. Wherever he went, in any Spanish house he easily found a glass vase with plastic covers. Of course, this is not the only oddity that a man noticed in the Spaniards' everyday habits, so that The tradition of collecting caps Caused him something akin to emotion ... he did not even ask why the owners needed to collect this garbage.

Once he saw a huge container in front of the entrance to the supermarket, where everyone threw Plastic caps from bottles. The solution was amazing! Next to her was a photograph of a seven-year-old baby. It turns out she needed a heart surgery worth 90,000 euros. When the girl's parents asked for help from the whole country during a television broadcast, a large plastic processing company responded. The corporation requested 200 tons of plastic caps, saying that in the case of collecting this huge mass of plastic will necessarily give money for treatment.

Boxes for collecting plastic covers Were installed everywhere, and for a couple of monthsThe Spaniards have collected the right amount! That's it ... people still continue to collect caps, many plastic processing companies have concluded deals with charitable foundations, aid funds for people with disabilities. A double miracle: not only the purification of the environment, but also help others!

Why collect plastic caps

In 2010, a truly wonderful event happened in Turkey. Students of the Istanbul Medical University collected and put the lids on the scrap to Make a wheelchair For the needy.

Conventional plastic covers can becomeAngelic wings. How is the process of helping people in need? Plastic raw materials are collected and surrendered to a processing company. The company pays for plastic raw materials and transfers money to the account of the fund for helping the disabled, charity fund or fund Victims of war.

Why collect plastic caps

In Poland even Prosthesis made of a mixture of plastic and silicone. For a prosthetic hand you need about 500 thousandLids, for the prosthetic foot - up to 850 thousand lids. Of course, such prostheses do not resemble the miracle of technology, they are not controlled by the power of thought. But with a plastic prosthetic foot man does not even limp! With a prosthetic arm can help a healthy hand in performing daily activities. The lids for such prostheses are also collected by Ukrainians.

Why collect plastic caps

Of course, there are other examples of usePlastic at home, but I wanted to tell you about this method first. Be sure to find out if there are any plastic bag reception points in your city. A mere trifle: throw the lid not in the garbage can, but in a special container. But by this elementary action you can help others!

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