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Bar with own hands

If you adore to receive guests and often arrange all sorts of gatherings, then such a thing will definitely come in handy! Mobile bar Perfect for storing your favorite drinks, and easily refresh the interior of the living room. And most importantly - to make it easier than ever.

Redaction "so simple!" Once again wants to prove to you that making something new and exclusive of old things is a very pleasant and fascinating occupation!

Bar with their own hands

Bar with their own hands

  1. The first stage is the preparation of the old regiment forRework. First, clean it up from unnecessary trash. If you consider it necessary to repaint your future bar in a different color, then proceed to this first. Further deal with the design of the back wall. For this you can use a decorative metal sheet, fixing it with nails.
    Mini bar with own hands
  2. Then attach the main working surface(Board) to the top of the shelf. For this you can use a special glue for wood or wood screws. By the way, the length of the table top should exceed the length of the shelf. It is necessary to expand the working space, because the side surfaces of the shelf will certainly be useful to us.
    Home bar with your own hands
  3. next step: Drilled holes for metal pipes. This is not just a design solution, such a pipe will protect bottles and glasses from falling. The length of the upper tube should be several centimeters greater than the length of the shelf, but the lower one corresponds to the length of the table top, because there we will fabricate additional storage cells.
    Alcohol bar
  4. Prepare a board for the basics of your bar. Its length should correspond to the length of the table top. To the bottom surface to fasten on 2 pairs of wheels from each side. So your mini bar will be more convenient and mobile! Fix the board at the bottom of the shelf with adhesive or screws of the required length.
    Bar for bottles
  5. On the sides on the bottom board fix small bars to create additional side shelves. The lower tube must rest against the outer wall of the additional cell. Cool home mini bar is ready!
    Wine bar

Make such an exclusive piece of furniture easier than ever. It only remained to supplement it with details and, of course, delicious drinks. Your guests will certainly be delighted!