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Color changing paint

By the beginning of the fashion week in London, the BritishThe unseen company introduced innovative hair dye. Hair, colored with such a tool, can change color depending on the ambient temperature: from black to red, from black to white, from silver to blue and from black, not yellow. Surprisingly, agree?

Redaction "so simple!" Suggests to understand, in what a secret such tremendous beauty-means which stirred up all fashionable industry.

Color changing color

Color changing color

The paint is not very stable on the hair, enoughIt is easily washed off, does not harm neither a head skin nor hair, moreover the color changes in two counts! And all thanks to thermochromic pigments. What kind of pigments are these?

The paint changes color at temperature influence

Thermochromic pigments - substances or their mixtures that are capable ofChange their color depending on the temperature of the environment. Usually such pigments show toxicity, but chemists managed to prevent this property by polymer stabilization. So the innovative hair dye is absolutely harmless.

Thermochromic paint

Designer lauren bouker has developed a whole lineDyes that change their color in different temperature ranges. Pigments react to changes in the temperature of the human body or on the transition between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Among the existing dyes there is black paint,Which "burns" under the influence of heat, there are dyes that change their color from black to white, from silver to pale blue, from blue to white and from black to yellow. In a word - fantastic!

But the designers did not stop with hair color alone. The unseen company released Clothing line, Which changes color depending on the contamination of the environment.

Clothing changing color

But this headdress is a real miracle! Encrusted with swarovski crystals, he reacts to Brain activity Owner and also changes color. Thus the headdress becomes a reflection of the inner world of man. Well, is not it magic?

Clothes that change color

It seems that the designer lauren boker is great to contribute to the fashion industry and leave behind something very special and unusual.

Agree, such an unusual tool should be experienced by every fashionista. Interestingly the same! Share this useful article with your friends, you will certainly inspire them for some fashionable experiment!