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Happy couple

Predict, will Successful marriage Or not, very difficult. But to say whether the couple are happy after several years of living together is fairly easy. You will be surprised, but this is evidenced by a very wide smile and glint in the eyes.

Happy spouses

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There is one sure sign that scientists have proved in the course of numerous studies. About it you are in a hurry to tell the editors "so simple!". And yes, if you are standing, then we advise you to sit down so as not to stagger from astonishment.

happy couple

If suddenly you start to notice that the shirt has becomeClose, and in your favorite jeans you already wield with great difficulty, then do not rush to fight in hysterics and switch to buckwheat with water. It's a sign that everything is fine in your relationship with your loved one. It's amazing, but scientists have proved that if in marriage Gaining weight at least one of the spouses, Then the couple is happy in a relationship. You can object, but the researchers point to practically confirmed facts.

Signs of a happy couple

Scientists of the national information center andBiotechnology has proven that the satisfied spouses are getting better. It would seem the opposite, but this is a trick. The experiment was performed on 169 pairs that were Married for 5 years. The spouses were asked twice a year about how satisfied they were with their relationship. Those who suited everyone gained weight, and those who were unhappy, no.

Signs of a happy couple

Scientists have explained this fact by the fact that in happy Stable relations People are confident that they will not be abandoned and will beLove in any way and under any circumstances. They relax, eat at their pleasure and recover, while remaining desirable and content. But thinness indicates that the spouses are not sure of the strength of their relationship and are forced to always watch for themselves - suddenly the beloved will find it slimmer ...

Signs of a happy couple

But this does not mean that this minute you need to start overeating! Everything should be natural and Bolster. Also it is worth noting that severe obesity is already a sign of problems in the body.

So, dear ladies, your belly is at yourBeloved is not at all from a drunken drink, but from boundless love. And men should remember that women gain weight not because they do not want to watch themselves, but because they are happy next to you. Appreciate it!

Signs of a happy couple

Here is such an interesting fact. Tell us in the comments, do you agree with this statement, and do not forget to share the research with your friends!