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Tulips from satin ribbons

The birthplace of tulips is by no means the Netherlands, as it seems to many. Although the Dutch are probably the biggest fans of this Royal flower. The homeland of the tulip is middle Asia, after all, it is not in vain in translation from the Persian toliban - it is a "turban".

The flower is really similar to this oriental headdress. In Russia tulips were imported by Peter I only in 1702 and then cost fabulous money. Well, what can I say, truly a royal flower!

Fortunately, now tulips are accessible to everyone, after allThe beauty and freshness of these flowers can not be expressed in words. Only one bud can excite the heart of a loved one, and what can we say about the whole picture of tulips!

Redaction "so simple!" Wants to acquaint you with amazing technique Embroidery with satin ribbons And inspire to create such an amazing and fresh craft in the form of a bouquet of spring favorites!

Tulips from ribbons by own hands

Tulips from satin ribbons

  1. Such tulips can decorate pictures, pillows, beds. In general, what will be enough for imagination and strength!
    Tulips from ribbons embroidery

    Tulips from ribbons
  2. Satin tulips will be a wonderful gift for the holiday and will please for many years! Because such an exclusive piece of art - a real treasure.
    Tulips from satin ribbons master class
  3. By the way, on the 11th anniversary of the wedding it is supposed to give tulips.
    Tulips embroidered from ribbons

  4. This quivering flower is a symbol of the forthcoming arrival of such a long-awaited spring and sun.
    Tulips from satin ribbons
  5. The process of making such crafts will only give the warmest feelings, because every stitch is soaked in the spring!
    Tulips from silk ribbons

    Tulips embroidered with ribbons

It turns out, to make such a magnificent bouquet veryjust. And master the skill of embroidery with satin ribbons to suit everyone. Show a little patience and connect the imagination - and you will certainly get such a wonderful craft. Girlfriends will surely be delighted, they will also ask you to teach!

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