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Men's Zodiac Signs

For some reason, women are considered to be skillfulActresses. And men seem to have the stability of their qualities and character. If he says that courageous or decisive, then so it is. But the truth of life is completely different, and after a while Representatives of the strong half Begin to show in relations quite different traits of character, taking off their original mask.

Character of a man in the zodiac

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Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you what weaknesses Men of different signs of the zodiac. These qualities are worth paying attention to, becauseEven representatives of the strong half of humanity are not made of steel and need understanding and support. Knowing the hidden side of the character of a man, you can build with him a long relationship based on mutual love and respect.

Male zodiac signs


Representative of this sign likes to hide underMask of a real man. He has a very strong handshake, often there are gusts of generosity. He dared to be reckless and very friendly. But behind all this is completely hidden another man.

Aries does not know how to obey, but at the same timeNot able to deny friends anything. He does not have the patience for a tedious job, he can suddenly fall from his place, disappear for a couple of weeks, and then unexpectedly appear. But Aries is very careful about their health and regime.

To build a strong relationship with this person, try to see behind his smile and selfishness the vulnerability of a little boy who needs custody and support.

Character of a man in the zodiac


These smiling men without embarrassment inspireSafe and comfortable life together. At first glance, a man-taurus is very economic, and even a craftsman with golden hands. And yes, he is very persistent. But it costs him even for a moment Push back your mask, And the man seemed to be replaced.

He quickly turns into a stubborn lazy whoNot able to resist the pleasures. Taurus is very afraid of looking like a henpecked, so it can be tough enough for a lover. Lying on the couch, will be fed with promises that he will fix the tap. Taurus avoids smart conversations and likes to eat deliciously.

All this because the bodies are always lacking affection. So a woman should take a lot of time to give your beloved his love and tenderness.

Character of a man in the zodiac


This is a very sociable man. He is always considered his own, and he is a welcome guest in any company. He is very charming, resourceful, witty and original. To surprise a woman for him is quite easy. But in fact the twin promises much more than he does. He has a spirit of contradiction, and often he does not know what he wants from life. Also this fidget likes to chase two hares.

To be happy with twins, you needTo be a pretty determined woman. You have to help him decide on the goal and follow her achievement. Also you must be very versatile so as not to get bored.

Male weaknesses


A man born under this sign lovesSincere conversations. He is very caring and somewhat like a nanny. He is supersensitive and romantic. But behind the mask of a kind and open person lies a very Vulnerable man, Who often digs through his past. He is afraid of becoming a hermit and very attached to things that give him memories.

Just leave the cancer alone when it goes away in your thoughts. Or be able to pretend to be an even greater sufferer, so that he will switch to caring for you.

Male weaknesses

a lion

This man knows his own worth. He has expensive clothes, a beautiful car, a well-groomed appearance. And in general, in appearance it is a very inaccessible smoothie, and to earn its location, you need to look like a million. He likes smart conversations, generous, and his manners are like those of an aristocrat.

But in fact, the lion is very afraid of beingUnnoticed. Often self-esteem hinders him in business life, because a man thinks that everything should fall at his feet. If he suffers a serious setback, he will be very depressed for a very long time.

You must be for him a real queen. All his friends should admire you and talk about it out loud. And you, in turn, let him know that he is your king and the best of men. Praise - the main thing in communicating with the lion.

Male weaknesses


At first glance, it is very intelligent, constant andFaithful man. He owns himself in any situation, punctual and adheres to the system in everything. But the mask hides a completely opposite image. The virgin man is very afraid of responsibility. He is a hostage to his logical thinking, and it is difficult for him to change his views or to recognize the rightness of another person. He develops a certain vital position and always adheres to it, even when it is necessary to change the direction.

You must have the gift of persuasion, otherwise all your life you will have to be a slave to his views on life. A little female trickery - and a happy union is secured.

Strengths and weaknesses of men on a horoscope


In men born under this sign, veryWide and sincere smile. They disarm women with charm and the ability to yield. They like to talk about family values ​​and inspire the image of the ideal man. But in fact parents are more important to them than their wife and children. They often change their mood, the reason for this can be the most ordinary things. Scales always think that the problems will be solved by themselves.

Take important decisions in your own hands. And forget about the slovenly house clothes. So that scales do not stare at other women, you need to be a very bright lady.

Strengths and weaknesses of men on a horoscope


Scorpio is a born psychologist. He hides under the guise of a strong and reliable man. He shows firmness before the blows of fate and has a very penetrating look. But in fact he is merciless to women's coquetry and flirting. The scorpion has its own laws and moral principles, so he may not have the best relations with the law. He is often tormented by spiritual contradictions.

A woman must remember That the scorpion remembers all grievances and joys. You must be very patient and faithful. Scorpions are looking for a woman in the home.

Strengths and weaknesses of men on a horoscope


He has a mask of cheerful and cheerfulRights. He said you might think that before you the most respected person in the district. Likes to talk about his useful contacts with people who can solve any problems with a flick of his fingers. His weak side is that it is very hard for him to decide on a woman. He will walk from wife to mistress and back. Also likes to dig in the past.

Do not tie him to the house and family and do not forget to say that you yourself love freedom. Create from time to time an intrigue with secret calls or flowers in a vase. Sagittarius appreciates.

Weaknesses of men on the signs of the zodiac


Its masks are reliability and stability. He promises love for life. He knows how to manage his emotions and achieve success. But in fact it is very difficult for a goat to express his true feelings and show caress. Capricorn waits that they will be admired every minute. Loves to strictly control the family budget.

Capricorns are not at all interested in sexy outfits and a new image of a woman every day. It is enough for you to be a good mistress and mother.

Weaknesses of men on the signs of the zodiac


He has a vision of a dreamer that is very captivating to manyWomen. To achieve the goal, he is ready to make friends even with enemies. Aquarius does not hide its interest in a woman. But in fact it is important for him to feel free. He is not at all interested in material goods. He loves everything bright and new, whether it's a person or an idea.

To create a happy union with the Aquarius, you must always tease him. Do not open all your trump cards. You must be an unpredictable woman.

Weaknesses of men on the signs of the zodiac


On the first dates you will see in front of youA man with a huge heart. He is very romantic and responsive. He radiates a cheerfulness, and in his eyes the ocean of boundless dreams is read. In fact, a man-fish is a big dreamer and it is difficult for him to adapt to the real world. Behind his humor hides sadness and sorrow. He spends too much energy on serving his ideas, friends and beloved woman.

If you want to be happy with this man, you should never criticize his dream. It is better to undress it together with him and help to translate it into reality.

Weaknesses of men on the signs of the zodiac

Although there is an opinion that the stars do not lie, do not take Opinion of astrologers On this occasion too seriously. Whatever cockroaches might be in the head of your second half and whatever skeletons are hidden in his closet, love and mutual respect can conquer everything.

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