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Embroidered dresses

Floral motifs - an endless source of inspiration for many eminent couturiers. But never before the flowers were so tender, romantic and furiously beautiful! Dresses, beaded, All kinds of stones and paillettes, decorated with beautiful draperies, just can not help falling in love with themselves.

Redaction "so simple!" Just crazy about these unthinkable outfits. Separated with us is our delight and, perhaps, inspired to create your unsurpassed dream dress!

Dresses with beads own hands

Embroidered Dresses

  1. In such a dress, you probably feel like a real fairy forest. A delightful outfit for the most tremulous events.
    Beautiful dress with beads
  2. The most refined and delicate wedding attire,Which can only be imagined. He easily reveals the most touching female features, effectively emphasizing the natural beauty of his possessor.
    Dresses with beads
  3. Very summer, light and at the same time solemn dress. beauty!
    Dresses with beads embroidery
  4. Elegant dress, what can I say! Every lady dreams of such a dress.
    Evening dress with beading
  5. This dress is an unthinkable creation of art. Decorated with a scattering of rhinestones, stones and beads, it is truly magnificent!
    Dresses with beads
  6. The tenderness and delicacy of this dress is crazy. Just look at this handmade embroidery ...
    Dresses with embroidery from beads
  7. Passion, sexuality and femininity. It seems that this side has no equal.
    Dress Embroidered with Rhinestones
  8. Restrained and at the same time chic dress ... a terrific evening outfit!
    Dresses embroidered with flowers
  9. Delicate silhouettes, exactly descended from the pictures of the degas ... very quivering dresses!
    Embroidered Dresses
  10. Ah, these flowers ... a masterpiece, not a dress!
    Dresses embroidered with beads
  11. It seems, to such a luxurious side and do not need accessories.
    Embroidered long dresses
  12. Lovers of low-key, but not without chic outfits, this dress will certainly be to my liking.
    Dress with beads
  13. Very feminine, light, tender, like the bud of the freshest rose, this dress can not but fall in love.
    Dress with beads
  14. An exclusive outfit for the bravest. In one word - great!
    Dresses with embroidery, handmade

It seems impossible that such an outspokenBeauty has gone out of fashion. Such a dress is a thing that will please you for many years. By the way, such embroidery looks great on the collars or cuffs of blouses, so you can decorate almost any thing in your wardrobe.

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