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Drawings on the rocks

Stone - the first thing that a man took in his hand, a stone served as an instrument of labor, on the rocks drew our ancestor. as Subject for creativity Stones have been used for a very long time. But now they are very popular: they make crafts, all kinds of rugs, they are used for decoration, they are painted. Well, everyone, adults and children, just love to collect sea stones! So why not collect them with benefit?

Redaction "so simple!" Offers to evaluate all the advantages of such an unusual material for creativity, which literally rolls under your feet.

Drawings on stones

  1. Painted stones Perfectly decorate any composition. Look how cool it looks!

    Drawings on stones for beginners

    And even from such an article you can make such a wonderful gift pendant!

    Drawings on stones with acrylic paints

  2. Bewitching art ...
    Drawings on stones master class
  3. Such lovely ladybirds can decorate the garden, flower compositions, even make a brooch out of them! And such stones will surely please the children.
    Drawings on the rocks of a ladybug
  4. So colorful and so different birds. Bright, creative and damn cute!
    Drawings on stones

    Drawings on stones with acrylic

    Drawings on stones with watercolor
  5. These wonderful pigs will be a wonderful gift and easily decorate any corner. And most importantly - made with a soul!
    Drawings on gouache stones
  6. Fascinating figure on a stone. The penguin is just alive ... unimaginable!

    Drawings on stones how to do

    But how do you like such a bright sea turtle?

    Painting drawings on stones

  7. Just look at these owls and foxes! Very touching work.
    Interesting drawings on the stones

Amazing, agree! And make such a charm yourself will not be a big deal. Inspired?

Let's learn more, What materials It is preferable to choose to make such a masterpiece.

Materials for painting

  1. paints
    Most prefer to use acrylicpaints. They have a huge color palette, quickly dry out, do not spread out and perfectly adhere to any surface. Besides such paint is nontoxic and has no bright smell. As an alternative, you can use ordinary watercolor or gouache. If you try hard, the result will be no worse!

    By the way, along with the paint, experienced artists recommend using all kinds of markers and contours. They will help decorate the drawing with additional details and strokes.

    Drawings on stones with what colors

  2. Brushes
    The main accessory for painting are, of course, brushes! From big to smallest - you will absolutely need everything.
    Drawings on sea stones
  3. Lacquer
    So that the craftsman was happy for a long time, it's just necessaryVarnish! It can be a special acrylic-styrene lacquer or an ordinary hair spray. The difference, of course, is significant, but for children's crafts the mother's lacquer will definitely fit.
    Original drawings on stones

Hope our article inspired you to create your own masterpiece of stones. So rather arm yourself with ideas - and go!

Keep this article and share it with your friends, because such an art will inspire everyone.