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Inventions of our days

We all get tired of routine, routine tasks andInfinite inconveniences. Whether it is a morning shower or refueling a car, we often experience many difficulties with these matters. But just imagine how great it would be to solve everyday tasks in two counts! But all genius is extremely simple. and these Extraordinary inventions To that example.

Redaction "so simple!" It offers you to look at a selection of ideas that easily help you cope with daily affairs.

Inventions of our day

  1. Imagine, in the Beijing metro you can pay for fare with plastic bottles. It is only necessary to lower the bottle into a special apparatus. A damn useful invention!
    Ingenious inventions
  2. The design of this chair is incredibly simple. But how convenient!
    Ingenious inventions for home
  3. These baskets are a real salvation from obsessive sellers. A black sticker means that you will be able to handle the purchases without assistance.
    The most simple and ingenious inventions
  4. In this store you can test shoes on a special platform with different types of surface. An excellent device to make sure that money is spent on a good product.
    Inventions of ingenious people
  5. And this shower allows you to set the exact temperature of the water. So that no more surprises!
    New ingenious inventions
  6. It does not matter which side of the tank is your car. Because this refueling in Seoul is universal!
    Ingenious inventions of our time
  7. This bench is just a miracle. It is equipped with a lever, which can be turned by turning the bench to a dry and clean side. Now gatherings in the park after the rain turned into a sheer pleasure!
    Ingenious Japanese inventions
  8. In the toilet of one of the Dutch supermarkets you can easily test the brands of toilet paper, which they sell.
    Useful inventions for home
  9. Such a funny toilet for our smaller friends.
    Useful inventions with your own hands
  10. And this damn comfortable pen will always show how many pages there is enough ink in it.
    Useful household inventions
  11. With such a sticker you will always buy only perfectly ripe avocado fruit!
    Useful inventions in everyday life
  12. In one of the bars in London there are cells where you can charge your phone without fear for its safety.
    Useful tips and inventions
  13. In one of the Japanese toilets there is a privacy button. After pressing the music will turn on and no one will embarrass you.
    Useful and interesting inventions
  14. The scale on the flash drive shows how much free space is left on it.
    Simple and useful inventions
  15. And such a street fountain for drinking will help to quench your thirst, not only for the person, but for his pet.
    Unusual and useful inventions
  16. Ceiling in the dental office. With such a bizarre pattern, patients are not exactly bored during the reception!
    Funny and useful inventions
  17. Are the hands busy? no problem! Use your foot to press the button in the elevator.
    Inventions useful to people
  18. Purely just like this invention, because now you do not need to touch the pens in public toilets. It's worth only waving your hand in front of the sensor - and the door itself will open.
    Very useful inventions
  19. In this hotel there is a special towel, which you can wipe your face after a make-up remover.
    New useful inventions
  20. And in this roll of toilet paper there is an extra small roll that you can take with you.
    Very useful inventions
  21. Test winter clothes right in the store!
    The most useful inventions
  22. The jacket of this biker shows brake lights and turn signals. Convenient, agree!
    Useful inventions of man
  23. In this hotel the telephone sets are equipped with a number, typing which you will hear a fairy tale for the night.
    Useful inventions of mankind
  24. But how do you like this diary? A special niche for the handle is incredibly convenient!
    Useful household inventions

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