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Advantages of walking

Walking is an easy way Keep oneself in shape. Many sports and physical activityAre inaccessible to people for many reasons, but walking does not apply to them. It has virtually no contraindications, and also does not require additional equipment.

If you want to walk more, but you can not begin, then you need to read about these 7 advantages of walking!

The benefit of walking

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  1. Helps to keep weight in norm
    Australian scientists in 2013 held astudy. They measured the weight of 822 people and found that within four years each participant scored an average of 1 kilogram of 400 grams. Noted that those who went to work on foot, scored an average of 900 grams less than those who traveled by car.
  2. Regulates blood sugar level
    With walking it is possible to regulateBlood sugar level. A study of scientists published in diabetes care suggests that three 15-minute walks after meals are more effective for regulating blood sugar than a 45-minute walk in the first or second half of the day.
  3. Lifts the spirit
    "Only 10 minutes walking at a pace can raise the mood for two hours," - says the American psychologist robert tayer based on his research.
  4. Improves memory
    In people who walk for 40 minutes 3 timesPer week, memory improves by 2%. Kirk Erickson, the lead author of the study, suspects that the main reason for this indicator is an increase in the flow of blood to the brain.
  5. Walking protects against heart disease
    Those who walk every day at least 15 minutes, the risk of ear heart problems is lower by 4.5%.
  6. Reduces the risk of developing certain cancers
    Walking improves metabolism, regulates hormone levels and Increases immunity. In a study of the American cancer society, it is reported that a daily hourly walk reduces the risk for women to develop breast cancer by 14%.
  7. Walking is easy and free
    For a walk you will need comfortable shoes and a desire.

If you decide Go in for sports And lose weight with it, then you need to know aboutHow to do it right. To effectively consume calories, you need to alternate the intensity of the load. During the workout, change the speed several times. It is best to walk two minutes at a normal pace, and then two minutes - in a fast.

Share with your friends the benefits of walking. Perhaps you decide to start this useful activity together.