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Decor of Easter eggs

Decoration of eggs Is a favorite Easter tradition of both adults, andChildren. A look at this ancient creativity has become more modern. What only do not come up with creative masters! Ribbons, cords, spangles, stickers - everything goes into play. See how you can turn the Easter symbol into an original work of art.

Decor of Easter eggs

  1. Refined lace
    So Decorate easter egg, You need to wrap it with a piece of lace fabric and fasten it with an elastic band. Then dip the egg in the dye. Choose a saturated color so that the pattern is clearly visible on its background.

    Easter eggs

  2. spring Green
    Decor with leaves, twigs, flowers - a simple and quick solution. Looks very unusual and fresh.

    Decor Easter eggs

  3. Laconic stripes
    Uncomplicated way, but the effect is stunning.

    Decoration of Easter eggs

  4. Color mosaic
    The shell itself can be an interesting decoration. Color it and paste it on the surface of eggs with the help of glue pva.

    Easter eggs

  5. natural beauty
    The natural color of eggs is good in itself. Elegant drawings with a white felt-tip pen or small stickers will only emphasize their beauty.

    Original Easter eggs

  6. Vintage
    The same result can be achieved usingTechnique decoupage. To do this, you need napkins with a small pattern and paste (2 tsp starch mixed with 50 ml of water). You can also use as a glue a mixture of protein and glue pva.

    Separate the top layer of the napkin, cut out the desiredpicture. Gently apply the brush paste to the place where the picture will be placed. Cut out the picture attached to the egg, draw on it with a brush dipped in glue. Try to smooth the folds and remove the air bubbles. Leave the eggs to dry, then fix the result with another layer of glue.

    Shiny Easter eggs

  7. Childhood fantasies
    There is nothing brighter and nicer than children's drawings.

    Easter eggs stickers

  8. Not simple, but golden
    Perch the Easter eggs in golden paint, and you will get the eggs as from a fairy tale.

    Easter eggs decoupage

  9. Black and white
    If you have drawing skills, you can make a traditional painting. The highlight of this Easter decor is a bold color scheme.

    Easter eggs color

  10. gradient
    A simple way to decorate eggs, which to masterEven your child can do! Pour a concentrated dye, put the egg in it, wait 2 minutes. Then a fraction of the water and leave again for 2 minutes. Share still and wait. Repeat this procedure several times. The paint is diluted with water, thanks to this and it turns out a beautiful gradient color.

    Easter eggs decorate

Preparation for Easter - one of the warmest, brightest and bringing together the whole family of traditions. Come to this holiday creatively and share your inspiration with your friends!