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Ornament from beads by own hands

Every year eco-colors become more and morePopular. But the designer products of famous brands have an impressive value, which is insulting. An alternative option is to make a fashionable trick with your own hands. It will take only a hank of twine and a few beads ... wow!

Beadwork decoration by one's own hands

Such jewelry imbues femininity and charmIts owner. While decorations can be boldly combined with any outfits even from the scantiest wardrobe and worn at any time of the year, whether it is summer or winter. Suitable for such things as a young girl, and a mature lady.

Redaction "so simple!" Produced inspirational Ideas of ornaments from flax yarns And beads that can push you to create your own masterpieces.

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We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Master class on making a bracelet From twine and beads. Perhaps, this idea will interest you and you will be able to make for yourself a unique thing. The process itself will help to relax, get distracted from problems and get aesthetic pleasure from an interesting lesson.

Bracelet of twine and beads

You will need

  • Twine of twine
  • Large beads
  • scissors

Bracelet of threads and beads


  1. Cut 7 threads into 1.5 meters long. Fold 6 of them together and make a knot so that a loop is formed.
    The process of creating a bracelet
  2. This is how it should look.
    Bright and bright
  3. Then take the seventh piece of rope and tie it to one side on a loop so that the knot does not catch the eye. Tie a loop, as shown in the photo.
    Create a bracelet
  4. When the loop is framed, hide the remaining tail of the thread inside the nodule and cut off excess.
    Knot of yarns
  5. Now your task is to string each of 6 threads with one bead of different sizes. Make sure that the largest ones are far away from each other.
    Beads and threads
  6. Then make a node. Put a bead on each thread and re-knot the knot.
    Bracelet with your own hands
  7. And again the beads, and again the knot. Tying the last knot, put on one thread the largest ball. This will be a clasp.
  8. And here it is, a ready bracelet.

Beautiful and stylish jewelry, made by yourself, can become your pride. You just want to. Scoop up ideas and create!

I hope this article inspired you onCreating your own masterpiece of threads and beads. So rather arm yourself with materials - and go! Keep this collection and share it with your friends, because such wonderful decorations inspire any.