/ / Drawings on the walls in the apartment

Drawings on the walls in the apartment

Drawings on the walls have long been an art,Accessible to everyone. This is a simple and economical way to diversify the interior of any room. One of my acquaintances with the help of a brush and a couple of cans with paints has completely changed and transformed my house.

Beautiful and original Images on the walls Enliven, decorate and give a unique coziness. Redaction "so simple!" Prepared 35 wonderful ideas how to decorate your home. Add to the gray everyday life of bright colors!

Drawings on the walls in the apartment

  1. Such a painting will place the accents in the corridor. Drawings of this kind will help to hide the displayed wiring or a spare outlet.
    Creative corridor
  2. Interesting living room
  3. Have you longed for a trip to India? Painted elephant will give the interior oriental notes. Moreover, the image of this animal brings good luck.
    Elephant in oriental style
  4. Painting of walls
  5. Such a single-colored mandala will add a sense of harmony, create a contemplative mood.
    Drawing mandala on the wall
  6. Depiction of village plots
  7. The motifs of the mountains in this color range soothe and help to relax and rest. What you need for a bedroom!
    Quiet bedroom
  8. Painting the walls with your own hands
  9. Interesting geometry will not bore the inquisitive mind of the baby, and adding room with bright pictures and furniture in warm colors, you can achieve a truly interesting result.
    Geometry in the nursery
  10. Painting of the walls of the children's room
  11. And again the geometry. Interesting lines and eye-pleasing color combinations.
    Harmonious color combination
  12. children's room
  13. Unusual turquoise gradient with texture. There is something in this, is not it?
    Lounge and bar
  14. Storage area
  15. Stylized bright trees can give the uniqueness of any living room.
    Stylized trees
  16. Working angle design
  17. And here it is, my pet! I admire, looking at this partition.
    Stylish partition
  18. Creative bathroom design
  19. Clear graphics lines are always in fashion. Only two colors, but how wonderful!
    Monochrome painting
  20. Gentle bedroom
  21. And again bright colors. Just great for the children's room!
    bright colors
  22. Aisle zone
  23. Riot of flowers. Covering all the walls of the room in this way, you can cause psychological discomfort. However, with the proper arrangement of furniture and skillful combination of colors, such a painting on one of the walls will look interesting.
    Riot of colors
  24. Technique of painting walls
  25. This image will be a great addition to the kitchen in the style of country or rustic.
    Sunflowers in the kitchen
  26. Living room in loft style
  27. Such color transitions will add a dining zone of harmony and coziness.
    dinner Zone
  28. Painting in the corridor
  29. Bright and interesting.
    Beautiful painting
  30. Painting the walls with your own hands
  31. What tenderness!
    Harmonious motives
  32. Inspirational painting
  33. Exactly the case when the walkway wall has acquired a bright and pleasant appearance that you want to admire!
    Room design
  34. Decoration of the room with painted walls

Does your apartment ask for repairs for a long time? there are many Original ideas, Which can be implemented by themselves. Pay attention to the technique of applying different patterns to walls and ceilings. Of course, it will require you to have certain skills, knowledge and skills, but at the same time it will create unique and unexpected drawings.

Stylish and creative interior - it's not at allcomplicated. Enough desire, the presence of an interesting idea and the determination to make a change. I hope this article inspired you to create your own wall murals. Armed with the necessary materials and make your apartment original!

Keep these ideas and share them with your friends.