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What to do on Pure Thursday

On Thursday, a secret evening was held, inThe time of which Judas proclaimed Christ. Jesus knew that everything would happen just like that, but he was equally kind to all the apostles and did not show his mind. He washed the feet of his disciples, showing that the believer's humility must be unlimited.

Clean Thursday what to do

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What to do on a clean Thursday

April 13 is the great Thursday in 2017. On a clean Thursday you need to Cleanse physically and spiritually, and also to tidy up your home.

It is important to wake up as early as possible, before sunriseOf the sun. If you wash yourself at this time, you will wash off not only your sins, but also human jealousy, bad thoughts, everything that has accumulated in a bad year. Also need to take a bath or shower.

Pure Thursday omens

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The essence of clean Thursday - remember the earthly sufferings of Christ. It is important not only to wash your body and clean up the house, it is important to restore order in your thoughts.

Everything on this day should be right and logical: first, water cleansing procedures for the body, then - cleaning in the house and only then - delicious food in a clean kitchen.

Clean Thursday what to do

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On a passionate Thursday in no event You can not lend money, Something to give away from home. Better than 3 times to count everything that is in the family. If you do so, then prosperity will be in the house throughout the coming year.

You can not fuss, get nervous, quarrel with your loved ones. On the contrary, it is worth combining efforts for thorough cleaning of housing - then the family will be reigned with peace and prosperity.

Pure Thursday traditions

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It is very important to have time to cope with cleaning inThis day, because in the next 6 days it will not be possible to do this. It's pre-holiday, pre-Easter days! To take out all the dirt accumulated during the winter, to wash the windows, to clean everything that had long ago been necessary to put in order ... these matters need to be dealt with on Thursday, and then your house will prosper.

Clean Thursday plots

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The events of the secret evening are remembered during theThe performance of each liturgy (solemn service) throughout the year. So significant is this day ... the prayer composed by John Chrysostom is read before communion.

"Eat your secret secret, son of God, accept me as a participant in the sacrament: do not be afraid of your enemy's secrets, nor kisses of the ladies, as a Judas, but as a robber I confess you: Remember me, my God, in your kingdom."

It is important to remember your sins so that you do not commit them in the future. Clean Thursday - a great holiday, spend it with pure thoughts and a light heart!