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Placebo effect

The human body is a super-system capable of recovering on its own. The placebo effect is a phenomenon that admirably confirms this fact!

at Medical reference books There are repeated cases of miraculous recovery of patients. They just believed that they were recovering, and got rid of a terrible disease! Lissa Rankin, author of the book "The victory of the mind over medicine: a revolutionary method of healing without drugs", Tells about placebo from a scientific point of view.

Perhaps in the future we will not need medicine at all and we will be able to heal ourselves with the help of the power of reason! Her research is very convincing.


3,500 people took part in the Rankin experiment. All subjects were terminally ill and suffered from problems with the cardiovascular system, cancer or HIV infection. Having tried different methods of treatment, they were ready to go to anything, just to be healed.

Although there are real chances to save life in patientsCompletely gone ... the lissa organized "treatment" of the hopelessly sick with the help of tablets-placebo. While the participants in the experiment did not begin to devote to the fact that the drugs are ineffective.

What was the astonishment of the testers, when the cases of recovery began! Most striking is the story of Mr. Wright. him Malignant tumor Decreased by 2 times and he was cured due to a placebo.

Documented cases of people's healing,Which have passed through the practice of taking placebo liss Rankin, convincingly demonstrate that this effect works. There are other studies of scientists, no less impressive. For example, bald men who took a placebo, noticed the appearance of hair on the usual bald head.

Dummies-antidepressants helped patients get rid of depression. Injections with the placebo effect cured a lot of people suffering from migraine. There are many such examples, and all of them are supported by facts.


The recovery of a person is affected not only by hisGood mood and the belief that the prescribed medicine will work. Caring medical staff and relatives - that's what keeps desperate people recover in this world.

To maintain health and conquer any disease, a person needs something more than just a diet, sports and medicine, says lissa Rankin.

placebo effect

  1. hope. Motor power, which leads a person toLife, hope for the best - a compass that tells him the right direction and will help to defeat any illness. In other words, when a person has something to live for, he can work miracles.
  2. Communication. Single people get sick more often. Surrounding yourself with those for whom you are important, communicating with others, you are strengthening your health. The positive emotions that your loved ones give you are the best medicine.

    During illness the decisive factor is responsiveness, kindness, care of medical personnel. There are people who seem to shine from within and can treat one with their presence!

  3. spiritual life. People who constantly attend church live much longer than others! Meditation, various spiritual practices, self-improvement is what fills life with meaning and makes you move forward.
  4. Job. Interesting, creative work helps to get distracted from thoughts about the disease. When a person is carried away, he has no time for pain and he is recovering on his own!

Relaxation is the best way to be healthy and happy. Just relax, throw all the negative thoughts aside, stop scrolling in your head the stressful situations in which you participated.

Internal stress is the cause of most diseases. They put in their thoughts joy and peace - the disease will recede. Believe, your mind is capable of much!