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Khrushchev Design

At the word "Khrushchev" in the imagination appearsImage of the grandmother's apartment smelling of mothballs, which reminds of a former epoch and is associated with poverty. Some even consider it shameful to dwell in such a dwelling! But they open their mouths in amazement when they see modern repairs and the interior of my old kopeck piece.

Khrushchev design

Ideas for repair

  1. The apartment went to us from the parents. It was empty for several years until we got there. This is a standard 2-room Khrushchev on the 3rd floor. Its area is 42 square meters. M.

    Creaking wooden floor with a thick layer of paint, rotten pipes and plumbing, windows with slots and walls painted in blue ... that's how it looked Khrushchev without repairs.

    Khrushchev design

  2. We thought and planned everything down to the smallest detail: we formed a budget, made measurements, drew a scheme for redevelopment, and bought building materials. Decided to completely change our nest.

    Khrushchev design

  3. We demolished everything clean: partitions, walls. Only the closet and the bathroom remained intact. Also expanded the common space at the expense of the loggia.

    Khrushchev design

  4. New repair - a new life. Got rid of all junk, took out all the trash. Prepared rooms for construction and finishing works.

    Khrushchev design

  5. Apartment design ideas We drew on the Internet. Among the many options we chose this one. Decided to combine the kitchen with the living room to expand the space and make it more functional.

    Khrushchev design

  6. Combination of two rooms - the most optimalSolution for a small room. Instead of being crowded in the kitchenette or in the mini-living room, we have the opportunity to gather at a dinner table in a spacious room.

    Repair odnushki

  7. The advantages of free space are obvious! More light, more space, no piles and narrow passages.

    Khrushchev design

  8. beauty!
    Apartment repair
  9. These photos are made immediately after the repair. The rooms will still settle in and be complemented by different decor elements, new furniture and interesting details.

    Interior ideas

  10. The bedroom is made in beige tones. Furnished it with a minimal amount of furniture. Thanks to the arrangement of the dressing room they got rid of the cupboards. My old dream came true - a large comfortable bed!

    Khrushchev design

  11. The bathroom is also in beige. Everything was done as comfortably and concisely as possible.

    Khrushchev design

  12. This is our first grandiose repair. We are very satisfied with the result!

    Repair of a small apartment

Try yourself as an interior designer and transform your apartment yourself! I wish you creative inspiration and patience in this difficult but fascinating business.