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Carmen Dell Orefais

Carmen del''arefais - Fashion legend And just a fantastic woman, one ofFew, whose biography admires, inspires and makes you think. Because in her 85 she does not want to think about retirement! This lady is still ready to flaunt the podium and shoot for fashion magazines and does not pay attention to gray hair and wrinkles near the eyes.

Redaction "so simple!" Suggests to understand, in what a secret of vital energy of the woman of such unimaginable beauty.

Carmen del''orrefis

Carmen del''orrefis

  1. Carmen dell'orefais got into the record bookGuinness as a podium model with the longest career. Still, in his 85 grandmother flies on the podium and removed for the most fashionable gloss. What can I say ... a continuous delight!
    Carmen del''orefais in his youth
  2. His career was an outrageous beauty started during the Second World War. Then at the age of 14 she starred for the cover of a vogue and since then has not thought of her life without a job as a model.
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  3. Often women try to hide the influenceAge on your appearance. But the Carmen sees only advantages in this! She not only does not hide the gray hair, the beauty has silvered her hair completely. Because what can be better than natural beauty!
    Carmen del''oréfais biography
  4. Salvador himself gave the name of Carmen as his muse!
    Carmen del''orefais be beautiful
  5. So what is the secret of the beautiful appearance of this eminent beauty? She sleeps a lot, does swimming and eats only the right food.

    "What you need to eat, do not need to eat you. To learn to think is the necessity of life. Do not do what the other person does, thoughtlessly. There are many tips, good advice, but you need to think whether it suits you. We are all producers for ourselves: we are filmmakers, we are writers, we are costumers of our lives. In life it is important to become "outside of time" as soon as possible ", - says Carmen Delle'refais.

    Model of carmen dell'orepheis in his youth

  6. Karmen dol'lorefis is the author of the book "Be Beautiful: The Secrets and Techniques I've Learned Over 40 Years of Modeling."
    Model of carmen del''orrefis
  7. The carmen was married 3 times. TV presenter David Susskind made her the fourth offer, but soon died of a heart attack.
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  8. Before the 85th anniversary of the beauty gave an interview to a popular magazine new you, where she shared her attitude to sex. "In general, I still live a full-fledged sex life, why should I give up this? I know how to please. Romantic love? This I would not be enough, I'm used to living to the fullest, - said the woman. - In sex, I'm as gourmet as in food! "
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  9. "I lived an amazing life! Do you know a lot of older women whose photos for a pension certificate are made by normal parkinson? " - said the graceful lady in the next interview.
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  10. Diva does not hide that he is going to live up to 100 years: "I want to live my life in happiness, and to meet death in high-heeled shoes!"
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This lady once again proved that it's possible to grow old beautifully. Believe in yourself, do not be ashamed of your age and enjoy every moment!

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