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Painting the walls in the apartment

More recently it seemed to me that Painting the walls with your own hands - an ungrateful occupation. Is it possible to do this on your own, and even to an inexperienced person in repair matters?

There are many ideas that will transform the wall in the house in a magical way. Very little effort is spent, and the result is like a fairy tale. One of such bright ideas - Gradient painting of walls In the style of ombre. Look how great!

Painting the walls in the apartment

You will need

  • Roller for painting with a capacity-stand
  • Bristle brush
  • Brush with soft bristles
  • Adhesive paper tape
  • 3 buckets with a paint of different tones

This is an approximate set of materials for painting walls in the ombre technique. That's what you can learn from these Asians!

Process of work

  1. The first step is to wipe the walls of the dust and stick the paper tape on the places that you do not need to paint, for example, on the door trim.
    Painting walls in the room
  2. From above leave a white color, paint the wall with one of the shades of the main tone, the lightest.
    Coloring walls combination of colors
  3. Mix white paint with the main tone to get shades of varying degrees of saturation.
    Painting the walls in the apartment
  4. Divide the wall into 4 parts visually. The bottom part is painted with the darkest shade.
    Dyeing of ombre walls
  5. The most difficult thing is to make transitions between the shades of the paint imperceptible and neat. But with the help of light roller movements it's easy to do, do not be afraid!
    How to paint walls

That's how the wonderful transformation of the wall happens! I would like to have such a wall in purple tones. The time will come, and I will realize my dream ...

Inspirational examples

  1. It seems to me, this design of the room is soothing ...
    Painting the walls in the apartment
  2. How gentle!
    How to paint walls
  3. Suitable for those who are not afraid of bold experiments with color.
    Painting of walls photo
  4. Heavenly shades ...
    Wall painting technique
  5. Noble bottle color.
    How to paint walls
  6. Mix several colors? why not…
    Painting the walls in the apartment
  7. Juicy and bright!
    Painting the walls in the apartment

The house is the place where the soul rest. I hope you liked these ideas and the touching beauty of the most common walls. That's what color is capable of! Show your friends what the ombre style painting is.