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Sewing machines of old type

sewing machine - the thing you need in the household. With her help you can easily create outfits for the whole family. And when the machine has served its own, having worked for glory, the old machine will still be useful in the house ... you will be surprised to learn about it.

One of my familiar married couple remakes such obsolete items. The result is impressive: so beautiful, comfortable and Original furniture I have never seen!

In addition, the creation process is creative, interesting! Looking at different options, you just want to repeat it at home.

Old sewing machines

Old sewing machine

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you 11 reasonable and original Ideas of using an old sewing machine at home. Here it is, inspiration!

  1. dinner table
    A wonderful solution for home - a kitchen dining table with a chic wrought bottom. The table top can be wooden or glass. Glass - transparent or matte! A variety of options ...
    Table from an old sewing machine

    Functional kitchen table

    Pick up chairs suitable for the style and harmonious, cozy mood of your kitchen is simply provided!

    Kitchen table from an old sewing machine
  2. dressing table
    We need the entire base of the machine entirely. For a beautiful appearance, all parts must be sanded and painted again in a suitable color.

    In the department, where the sewing machine used to be hidden, you can put a cloth-lined box of plywood, and fix the mirror on the cover from the inside.

    Dressing table from an old sewing machine

    Cozy dressing table

    Original and beautiful, I look and admire!
    Alteration of a sewing machine

    Retro furniture from improvised materials

  3. Desktop
    If you are a fan of minimalism, then you can do with a simple board as a countertop. It, like the legs, can be painted in a favorite color.

    But if the soul requires delicacies, attach the top of the old bureau to the wrought bottom. You will have a thing worthy of the title of a family relic!

    Working table from an old sewing machine

    office table

    Unusual desktop

  4. garden furniture
    A great idea for a recreation area. Such furniture will transform the entire arbor and make the garden more comfortable.
    Garden furniture from sewing machines

    Old sewing machine and table for the garden

    Garden table
  5. Small table
    In the corridor or hallway you can set a table for various small but very necessary things - keys, cell phones, flower pots, photo frames and more.

    Its creation does not require special expenses. It is enough to have a base from the machine and the material for the top of the table.

    Comfortable table

    Functional wardrobe

    On this subject of the interior, the vases with flowers and the favorite collection of souvenirs will look great.
    Small table for small things from an old sewing machine

    Table from a sewing machine

  6. BBQ
    Spring is the time for the tents! The old sewing machine is useful if you are a fan of cooking a shish kebab, but you do not have your barbecue yet.

    For making orders for the carpenter cutting iron under the upper box for frying, and then welding all parts with a welding machine.

    BBQ from an old sewing machine

    It's time to shish kebabs and brazier

    Mangal with his own hands

  7. Country benches
    And from the old sewing legs it is easy to make a base for a garden bench or chair. Plank book from the carpenter, then all parts of the joint and paint varnish.

  8. Bed
    Such a garden corner will have to taste even lazy, because it is easy to take care of. You do not need to bend to water the plants or remove the weeds! Dreamed about it?
    Flowerbed of an old sewing machine

    Table for flowerpots own hands

    Flower bed from the base of a sewing machine
  9. washbasin
    A bowl in the form of a bowl, mounted on a woodenCountertop, and the base of the old sewing machine will create a set with modern overtones and vintage bias. Designers call such items contrasting! Fashionable little thing, and for a penny.
    Washbasin from the base of a sewing machine

    Base under the washbasin

    An excellent and fresh solution for the design of the bathroom.
    Creative washbasin

    Alteration of a foot sewing machine
  10. Locker for decorations
    Do you like different decorations? Here's an unusual idea for a storage place. Just fix on the bottom of the finished cabinet with various compartments and mirrors on the doors.
    Locker for decorations
  11. Stand for bedspreads
    This subject will be very appropriate in a children's room with several beds. For the night, bedspreads taken off the bed can be hung out neatly on a special rack.
    Stand for bedspreads from a sewing machine

As you see there is a whole sea of ​​ways of what can be done from the old Foot sewing machine, It is only necessary to present the idea correctly, and then the result will be beyond praise. I wish you successful finds for your stylish interior and the embodiment of all creative projects in life!

Show this information to family and friends and, perhaps, they will have a new masterpiece. And if you have already done something similar - we will be happy to see pictures of your work in the comments.