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Clothes in Russian style

Style a la Russian Already which season excites the imagination of the worldCouture and takes the hearts of women of fashion. Eminent fashion designers everywhere exploit the images of Russian beauties to create luxurious fabulous collections. still would! Intricate patterns, amazing colors and unusual styles can not but inspire.

Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you how to give your image the same unmatched Slavic femininity.

A la Rus style

Clothes in Russian style

  1. Large fur caps, kokoshniki, embroidered with stones, embroidered boots - rather extravagant wardrobe items. But how many fashionable women they have fallen in love with!

    A la Rus dresses

    A la Rus clothes

  2. Caftans, lush fur coats, sheepskin coats and muffs are an indispensable attribute of the style a la Rus.

    Dresses in style a la рус

    Clothes in style a la рус

    Coat a la rus

  3. The main print of the Russian style is flowers. Fabrics can be satin, velvet and woolen. Color palette background - black, white, red, gold and blue. A velvet jacket, a satin handbag and a downy shawl are sure to be useful in the design of a fashionable wardrobe in the style of "Russian chic".

    Fashion a la rus

    Russian style in clothes

    Russian style in clothing design

  4. Skirts and dresses of maxi and supermaxi length - one of the characteristic features of the style a la Rus. And the best style for a skirt is, of course, a bell.

    Russian folk style in clothes

    Russian style in clothes

  5. Brooches, necklaces and beads must be massive andNecessarily from natural stones. What only the products embroidered with river pearls cost! By the way, such decorations in Russia were adorned not only by noble ladies, but also by peasant women. From pearls they made ornaments, they were decorated with outfits, decorated with hundreds of beads kokoshniki and shawls. very beautiful!

    Russian country style in clothes

    Features of Russian style in clothes

  6. Natural make-up is welcomed in make-up. A fresh complexion and a slight blush - how feminine! The image can be emphasized with light arrows and red lipstick. And hair, laid with light waves or taken with a beautiful barrette with stones, is the best decoration. But what about the classic braids ...
    Russian folk style in modern clothes
  7. Style a la Rus itself is quite bright and lush. If you still decide to create a similar image, do not go too far with details. Otherwise your outfit will turn into a theatrical costume.
    Elements of Russian style in clothes
  8. Combine the details and colors competently. For example, you can not mix absolutely different prints. A skirt in a flower and a blouse with a pattern for Khokhloma will look very strange ...
    Russian ethnic style in clothes

This style is bohemian and modest at the same time. Image in the style of a la Rus - a great opportunity to shine a real Russian chic. You just need to adhere to simple rules, and you will become a true beauty in two scores!

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