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Than to take children at home

How do children differ from adults? I believe by faith in miracles. The child easily takes on faith a lot, and his soul is so pure that the child does not doubt a single bit about the existence of angels.

Redaction "so simple!" Respects Interesting activities for children And believes that adults will also come in handy! A rally that you will see right now, excites from the first seconds ...

Than taking children at home

You will need

  • 250 ml of "Coca Cola"
  • 1 packet of gelatin (25 g)
  • 1 banana
  • knife
  • Scotch

Process of work

  1. Prepare everything you need! Now the magic will begin ...
    Focus for children video
  2. Pour 250 ml of "Coke" into the pan. If you fill the sweet soda with a faceted glass to the top, you get the right amount for our bold experiment!
    Children's video focus
  3. Soluble 1 pack of gelatin in "coca-cola". at first Solvent gelatin In a small amount of drink, then the remaining remaining soda.
    Children's rally video
  4. Gently cut the banana on one side. Take out the flesh.
    Focus for children photo
  5. That's what will turn out!
    Children's video focus
  6. Fill the banana with a drink, squeeze bananas from both sides. Then put in the refrigerator for freezing. This is the first option, simple.
    How to play parents
  7. You can go and another way! Stick the tape on the cut, made in the skin of a banana. Cut off the stupid end of a banana with a knife.
    How to play daddy
  8. Gently pour inside the banana peel "Coca-Cola." Put the banana in the fridge!
    How to play mom
  9. The result is good! The rally turns out to be wonderful. In addition, the jelly gets quite tasty ...
    Funny rally
  10. Such a banana you can treat all relatives, watching their amusing reaction. Children like such innocent fun!
    Children's focus photo

now you know, Than you can take a child Older. You can do the preparations together and have some fun!

How do you like this unpretentious, but such a spectacular idea? Even if today one does not want to believe in miracles, it will pass. A minute of fun, life will play with new colors!

Tell us about the draw to your friends and certainly please the youngster with an interesting leisure weekend!