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Photos from my page

For many Internet users, social networks have become an important part of life. In connection with their popularity throughout the world, psychologists decided to conduct a study, as a result of which it became clear that according to Personal photos You can learn a lot of interesting things about the owner of a particular page.

Photos from my page

A picture for placement in social networks a person choosesAt the subconscious level: like - do not like. In fact, the photo corresponds to the basic features of his character and mental state at some point.

Redaction "so simple!" I gathered information for you about how Analyze the state of a person by its profile in the Internet. All as in the palm of your hand! who would have thought…

  1. A variety of selfies
    Under the abundance of such photographs there is an increased need for recognition and approval, narcissism and propensity for narcissism.
    Selfie in the mirror
  2. Sexy photo
    Lips with a dent, urgently underlined outlinesBody, overly relaxed poses indicate that the person does not have enough attention to the opposite sex. Exposing all his dignity for everyone to see, he wants to please others.
    Sexy selfies
  3. Photo of a couple
    Can indicate two options for theHuman condition. The first is the lack of confidence that someone can love him, and the fear of losing what he has. The second is a fixation on relationships, a complete dissolution in your partner.
    Photo of a couple
  4. Photo in the company
    Abundance of photos taken at variousGet-togethers and in companies where you have fun, can testify to inner emptiness and loneliness. And also about the fact that belonging to a certain group of people flatter your self-esteem.
    Photo in the company
  5. children
    Avatar profile with a child photo saysMan's fatigue from adulthood, responsibility, credit and mortgages. Behind this is the subconscious desire to return to childhood and the need for caring.

    A large number of photos with their children or children individually we broadcast to the world such a message: "I am a mom (dad), this is a great achievement in my life!"

    Photos of children

  6. Animals and photos with them
    When a guy puts in his profile an image of a wild wolf, a graceful cheetah - this is an attempt to give out what is desired for reality. The owner of the page wants to appear bold and strong.

    Girls like to put a photo from the category of "cute". Usually it speaks of the sentimentality or easy infantilism of the mistress of the page.

    Photos with animals

  7. nature
    Such photos create a message of satisfactionPeace. Life was a success, you can also admire nature. But can also talk about fatigue from a rabid everyday rhythm, a need for solitude and contemplation of the beauties of nature.
    Image of nature
  8. Glamorous images
    There is a need for narcissistic support, inEmotional strokes in the form of likes and flattering comments. And this is an occasion to reflect on your self-esteem and alternative ways to strengthen it, not leading to dependence on the virtual world.
    Glamor image
  9. Photos from travel
    Such photos are an indicator of a high status or aspiration for it. "I rest on the sea, I know how to live well" - the general overtones of such pictures.

    Confirmation of the fact that you visited there, whereMillions of others have visited. But you are here for the first time, and this is your personal achievement - here you made a photo against the background of the Eiffel Tower or other famous sights.

    an amusing trip

  10. On the background of luxury goods, yachts and expensive cars
    Successful people will not post photos of their ownMaterial wealth, they are accustomed to their prosperous life. For them, "maserati" is just a machine. But those who do not have enough comfort in their life will necessarily make a selfie with a cool car.
    Photo on the background of a yacht
  11. Photo food
    Pictures of exquisite food from an expensive restaurant -Attempt of self-affirmation. The abundance of such photos in the profile of the mother in a decree or a housewife often shows the desire to prove (primarily to herself) that things are not worse than others. That in the kitchen can be no less interesting than in negotiations, in the office and at festivals.
    Photo food
  12. Extreme photo
    Parachute jumps, pictures on the rafting, in the mountains -Such photos say that a person has strong will and a desire to learn something new. Especially since it is in extreme conditions that the truly masculine qualities come to the fore: courage, strength, and reliability.
    Extreme photography
  13. Your funny photos
    A person is overcome with problems, and a merry shot heCalls to laugh with him and relax. He seems to make fun of his problems. But it would be much nicer to communicate with such a person than with a whiner or grumbler.
    Funny faces
  14. at work
    A person lacks public recognition. He is probably a good specialist and a professional, but, it seems to him, not everyone knows about this.
    Photo in the office
  15. Objects, layouts, part of the whole
    Any division of an object into parts gives out a person,Who wants to seem non-standard. Such people are sometimes difficult to communicate, but, as a rule, generous, circumstantial, in addition, they have creative inclinations and aesthetic sense.
    Composition in photography
  16. Real photos without photoshop and filters
    Such photos say that a personPerceives himself as he is. He uses social networks to communicate with friends or for work, and not as an excuse to prove himself in all its glory. Prefers not to photograph moments and share them, but to live them in full.
    Photos from life

Now you know how much you can learn about the character of a person from his photo in the social network. This can be useful to you in case of a new acquaintance, with Recruitment of staff, The analysis of the next acquaintance (s) for the sake of coincidence of interests and a possible future, and also simply for a better understanding of those people who are around.

And what do you think about this? Does this study agree with psychologists? We will be happy if you share your thoughts in the comments.