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Reasons for parting

There is nothing more sad than a divorce - a trauma that can not be dealt with without damage. This severe test affects mental and physical health ...

In our time such a terrible phenomenon is already in the order of things. About half of my 30-year-old acquaintances have already divorced! Among those who are over forty, 80%.

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At the time of the decision to divorce between spouses, a huge number of mutual insults, misunderstandings and unresolved conflicts are accumulating. often Cause of divorce Becomes woman. and that's why…

Reasons for parting

Abandoned women share their experiences: "I waxed hair from the bikini zone with wax. And went to the gym regularly. I'm all a treasure, but he still left ... " Do you know what's the matter?

The men leave not because of overgrown bikini zones. And not even because of the fatigued figures. Everything is much more complicated ... that's what this is about.


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Scientists have long proven that many things men and women perceive in completely different ways. A house for a woman and for a man does not mean the same thing.

A woman refers to her place of residence as aWork or something even more important. This is her element, her kingdom, where everything should be perfect. And when she finds out that everything is not as it should be, an alarming siren is triggered in my head, and it becomes necessary to take urgent measures!

And then she, like a general, begins to give orders: "An ordinary husband - into battle! Eliminate the cat's toilet! Win a Christmas tree! Destroy the garbage!"Of course, they do not say such things openly, in reality it looks something like this:" Why have not you thrown garbage yet ?! You can not stand a tree till now, the whole house is in needles! After the cat needs to be removed! "

Quarrels in the kitchen

A house for a man is his cave, in which heCan hide from the storms of life, its source of peace, reliable shelter and rear. A woman who does not have sensitivity and attention, can easily bring her beloved husband to frenzy!

Therefore, when planning household chores, just remember this Difference in perception And do not be too zealous for your desire to do everything perfectly, especially with your husband's hands.

Quarrels in the kitchen

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4 whales that hold family happiness

  1. respect
    Do not show disrespect to your husband, but do not be patient either.The same attitude to yourself. And if you allow yourself to cry out in your heart something like: "Here's a moron, again nakosyachil, you can not do anything!" - you're one foot in divorce.
  2. silence
    Everyone has the right to his share of peace and quiet. Let my husband have a little rest from everyday storms. When you break the silence with your cries and grumbling, you are on the verge of divorce.
  3. Beauty and harmony
    Paying attention to the purity of the house, do not forget about yourself. It is always pleasant when a beautiful and well-groomed beloved woman is nearby.
  4. energy
    It is very important that a man can rest at home andTo fill the energy lost during the day. This is your favorite food, and the opportunity to take a fragrant bath, and the love of your wife, in which interest to life has not died out ...

Harmonious relations

Of course, there are responsibilities for men. But this is a completely different story ... try to turn the house into a Space for rest, And not in a place of constant fighting!

The most sad thing is that the reason for many divorces is covered in this! Here there is something to think about ... try to take all the steps to save your family!

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