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Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov

Michael zadornov - writer-satirist, playwright, humorist and actor. Frankly, I admire him since childhood. I remember how on winter evenings I spent a few hours watching television in the company of Mikhail Nikolaevich with pleasure. His sense of humor and subtlety of the perception of this world can only be envied!

Mikhail nikolaevich zadornov

Mikhail zadornov sayings

In situations where everything seemed to be lost,Michail Zadornov knows how to find many positive moments. His unique energy and a positive attitude to life, he literally charges the audience. Our editorial office suggests recalling some of the most accurate statements of the writer.

Mikhail zadornov sayings

  1. "I always say that everything is not so bad for us,as it seems. Mikhail mihaylovich Zhvanetsky came up with one phrase, while making fun of me absolutely: "At last there was light at the end of the tunnel. Only the tunnel, the bitch, does not end ... "
  2. "The most serious compliment to me was made inThe Internet. Counted the overall rating for networks, for blogs, throughout - integrally. It turned out that my rating was like pornography. I now know how the next 65 years must pass! I must defeat pornography. "
  3. Mikhail zadornov sayings
  4. "Out of a hundred of my acquaintances who live in Siberia,90% smile, and out of a hundred of my friends who live on ruble, only 10% smile. Yes because the rich all the time in some kind of zamorochki. And it's easier to live easily than many people think. as? First of all you have to stop being a slave. "
  5. "The age of a person is divided into three stages: Childhood, youth and ... "you look great!". There is the truth still the fourth stage - absolutely sad - "you perfectly keep!". So I want to stay longer in the third age. "
    Mikhail zadornov sayings
  6. "If you want to always be in a good mood, learn to rejoice in small things, say, wages. A trifle, but nice. "
  7. "There are people who have a life for money, but there are those who have money for life."
    Mikhail zadornov sayings
  8. "If you are insulted, never answer them in return, because if a dog is barking at you, you do not get on all fours and you do not bark at her!"
  9. "Personally for me, not so terrible is the coming of the end of the world, like the loss of the end of Scotch tape!"
    Mikhail zadornov sayings
  10. "There are three manifestations of God on earth: nature, love and sense of humor. Nature helps to live, love helps to survive, and you have a sense of humor ".
  11. "If you feel happy for more than one day, then something is hidden from you."
    Mikhail zadornov sayings
  12. "According to women's logic, it is easier to agree than to explain to the peasant why not."
  13. "You tell a man that there are three hundred billion stars in the universe," he will believe. You will say that the bench is painted, he will certainly touch it! "
    Mikhail zadornov sayings

Many fans of Michael Zadornov know thatToday he is experiencing one of the most difficult periods in his life. In October of last year he had an oncological disease. Now the writer undergoes rehabilitation after a biopsy and feels much better. He even prepares to shoot in his new film "Once in America, or ...".

Our editorial office wishes Mikhail Nikolayevich a speedy recovery and creative successes!