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Easter egg of thread

I never decorated the house for Easter. It all boiled down to general cleaning, washing windows and general preparations. And this year I was visited by inspiration and I made an original egg-nest with children! Accomplished Easter composition In technology, which we all know well from the lessons of labor.

Easter egg out of thread

You will need

  • balloon
  • Thread
  • PVA glue
  • acrylic paints
  • Buttons, ribbons for decoration

Ideas for decor

  1. everything is very simple: Inflate the ball to the desired size, soak the threads with glue of the pv and wrap them around the base. Leave the product to dry for a day, and after piercing the ball and gently pull it out. Cut a hole in the resulting blank from the side. Zadekoriruy his flowers or buttons, and the product itself from the thread color acrylic paints in any color. See the best Ideas of Easter decor!!

    Easter decoration

  2. Easter fakes

  3. Egg-socket of thread

  4. Easter decoration

  5. Basket of threads

  6. Egg of thread

  7. Easter decoration

  8. Easter decoration

  9. Easter decoration

With the help of improvised materials you can create an original hand-made article. Be sure to try to decorate the house for the holiday!