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What to sew with your own hands

All houses have Old bedding, Which either collects dust in the cabinet, or fliesIn the trash can, or goes to rags. But he can find great use! Pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets with "history" - a good material for creativity.

Get this rag out of the dresser! I have 11 interesting ideas for creating gizmos from unusable pillow cases.

What to sew yourself

Ideas for inspiration

  1. Laundry bag

    Tired of bulky boxes for laundry? Here's a great idea that will save a lot of space!

    old things

  2. Beautiful bracelets
    Gentle bracelets will complement any spring image. So that Make a bracelet with your own hands, You will need a piece of cloth with a beautiful print, hardware and iron or plastic base.

    Old pillowcase

  3. Vintage handbag
    While fashionista breaks the stores in search of a suitable bag, you can create her home from grandmother's pillowcase. And if it still has embroidery or lace, then the prices it does not add up!

    What to sew yourself

  4. Photo envelopes
    A great way to store family photos in such textile envelopes.

    What to do from old things

  5. Napkins
    Lovely napkins garnish any serving. Besides, they can not do without a barbecue, a picnic and any holiday.

    old things

  6. Cover for clothes
    Reliable protection for your things.

    Quilt patchwork

  7. kitchen towels
    Old bedding can be shamelessly torn to rags, but you can use it more creatively and useful. Neat towels in the kitchen will never interfere!

    Decor ideas

  8. Decor hangers
    Wire hangers can be converted using such capes.

    What to do from old things

  9. Curtains
    Curtains, made in the patchwork technique, will be the highlight of the interior. For their manufacture you will need different pieces of fabric. You can use old pillow cases, duvet covers, sheets.

    To change a pillowcase

  10. Bauble box
    From a cardboard box and pillow cases it is possible to make such here a box where it is good to add toys, threads, medicines and other bagatelles.

    Old bedding

  11. Bag for products
    A great accessory for going to the market.

    Old bedding

Now you definitely will not throw out old pillow cases! I hope these ideas inspire you to create original products. Be sure to show your friends what you got!