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Shrubs for the garden

In the spring it is impossible to pass by a flowering plant, which attracts with its intoxicating aroma. How cool, when such a bush grows right in your garden!

Decorative shrubs Decorate the plot, garnish the hedge andWill transform the tracks. But choosing a suitable plant is not so simple, because of the variety of the head is spinning! Here are the 10 most beautiful shrubs for which our climate suits.

Shrubs for the garden

  1. honeysuckle
    At the same time a decorative and fruitful shrub. Large blue berries are bitter in taste, but rich in vitamins. A honeysuckle bush will decorate any site. Some gardeners use honeysuckle as a hedge.


  2. hydrangea
    This water-loving plant will amaze youA variety of species, forms of inflorescences and a rich color palette. Hydrangea pleases with its magnificent flowering from July to September. In ornamental horticulture, it is usually planted in shady gardens and near terraces. Also from the lush bushes beautiful blossoming curbs are obtained.

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  3. Forcing
    Popular in Europe decorative bush, which marks the arrival of early spring. Forzitsia blooms with golden azhur from March to April, and then oval leaves appear. A magnificent sight!

    Forsition photo

  4. Viburnum
    Not only beautiful, but also very useful plant. From May to June, the viburnum will decorate the garden with its magnificent white blossom, and in winter it will please tasty red berries.


  5. heather
    Perennial Evergreen shrub Is an excellent honeycomb. He blooms from July to September. This is a short shrub that spreads on the ground.

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  6. rhododendron
    To grow such a chic bush, you needTry. The plant likes shadow and moisture, and also does not tolerate frost. Rhododendrons are usually planted next to coniferous plants: spruce, pine, and thuja. Bright flowers on a background of dark greenery are impressive!

  7. spirea
    Graceful bend of branches and sprawling crown make spiraea one of the most beautiful ornamental bushes. From a variety of varieties, you can choose a bush that perfectly fits into any garden.

    Spyrea photo

  8. Chubushnik, or jasmine garden
    The most popular among gardeners is a shrub with a divine scent. Blossoms chubushnik in the beginning and middle of summer. He is unpretentious and can grow in different soil and under any lighting conditions.

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  9. lilac
    This beauty has long been captivated by all itsAroma and beauty. Who in childhood was not looking for a flower with five petals, who did not bring his mother an armful of fragrant twigs? Lilac will fit in any landscape design.

    Lilacs in the garden

  10. Dogrose
    The bush of a dogrose in May is covered by gentle colors of white-pink and violet shades. Its fruits are used for medicinal purposes.

    dog-rose fruit

Imagine how you will inhale a delicate fragrance and admire the gifts of nature every day. Create the garden of your dreams with your own hands!