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Sexual perfumes

When a man likes a woman, her fragrance he perceives as part of herself. Spirits - this is not just the final stroke of the image, but the whole philosophy, knowing that, you can conquer this world. Seductive notes Intoxicated and fascinated. Of course, the only sexual perfume does not exist, but there are those that drive men mad.

The most seductive perfume

Aroma is not only elusive, but also the most attractive substance. Among men and women, a survey was conducted, which flavors attract them most in the middle price segment. Redaction "so simple!" With joy will tell you, the sound of what scents seduce men, and also make the top 10 Of sexual perfumes.

Sexual perfumes

Sexy fragrances Can be completely different. Someone is crazy about the sweet scent of a fatal beauty, and someone loses his mind from a fresh citrus plume. Noble perfumers told what notes should pay their attention to women.

Seductive aromas

  1. Chypre aromas
    Thick compositions always evoke a vivid reaction. Ud, frankincense, sandalwood, tonka beans, notes of musk give them warmth and special sensuality, acting at a subconscious level. These aromas contain molecules that are similar in structure to the molecules of testosterone. Yes, such flavors have a complex character and can be easily solved with them. But it's worth the risk, because they are able to easily turn a man's head.
  2. Floral scents
    Most men believe that women and flowersVery much in common. Gardenia, violet, tuberose, iris and peony: the presence of these notes in women's perfumes, according to the unanimous opinion of men, is always appropriate. But the queen of flower compositions is a rose, and the woman, enveloped in a pink scent, accordingly, queen of the evening.

    The survey showed that they are so popular with men,Because they evoke warm and pleasant memories - childhood, mother's garden, the coming of spring, holidays ... also you can choose perfumes with notes of amber. This component has an animal origin, but it gives the composition a soft floral-woody sound.

    The most seductive perfume

  3. Fresh aromas
    Although they say that a woman should not smell likeSalad, these flavors can sound very sexy. It's just better to apply them to damp skin, and ideally immediately after the shower. Sparkling, green, moderately sweet, with chords of jasmine and freshly cut grass, flavored with notes of citrus and bergamot perfumes have a completely different sound on every woman.

    Observations show that almost any unobtrusive perfume has a great chance of success among men. It's like black in clothes - always an unmistakable choice.

  4. Powder fragrances
    They possess absolute magnetism, as well as elegantlyDressed woman. Most often they are seduced with notes of pink pepper, lily, vanilla and vetiver. Men call such flavors of sex in a vial. By the way, that Ford recommends to put them not on the neck or wrist, but on the lower part of the body. Powder fragrances are never screaming and intrusive. They are associated in men with elegant ladies.
    The most seductive perfume

Top 10 Sexy Spirits

  1. Mitsouko from guerlain
    If sexuality can have a history, then the nameHer - mitsouko. It is impossible to predict how this fragrance will unfold and will sound like a new woman. It should be worn on special occasions, with a special mood. Its sound grows with each chord: after the peach suddenly appears jasmine, bergamot, flashes for a short while a rose, and all captures distinct spices, vetiver, oak moss and a damp tree.
    Seductive female perfume
  2. Mimosa & cardamom from jo malone
    Jo malone always pleases his fansExclusive and original fragrances. Cardamom, honey and mimosa - a combination of femininity and pungent sweetness especially effectively sounds cool in the fall, emphasizing your fragility and sophistication. Because you are not like everyone else, you are an exotic flower that you want to protect and that you can not help admiring.
    Seductive female perfume
  3. Black opium from ysl
    His heroine is ardent, dynamic, instantAttracting to itself. This is a gourmet floral fragrance with notes of black coffee, white flowers, which are responsible for temptation and vanilla, which reveals a sweet sensuality. Perfume simultaneously gives a sense of risk and sweet forbidden fruit.
    Seductive female perfume
  4. For her from narciso rodriguez
    Unusual odor envelops, tightens andTurns his head and reflects the desire of every woman to attract and seduce. To the attracting composition with sensual musk in the heart, surrounded by orange flowers, osmanthus and amber, opening with vanilla and vetiver it is impossible to remain indifferent. Intense, even a sharp smell with a barely noticeable sweetness slowly turns into a soft and fragrant powder.
    Seductive female perfume
  5. Black orchid from tom ford
    It is a modern and timeless fragrance from the volumeFord. Orchid embodies his vision of female sexuality, predatory and luxurious beauty. First open French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant and citrus. In the flowery-spicy heart lives the fragrance of a refined black orchid, combined with patchouli and sandalwood, revealing dark chocolate, incense, amber, vetiver, vanilla and balsam.
    Seductive female fragrances
  6. Coco mademoiselle by chanel
    Oriental flavor with character, however strikingIts freshness. Sparkling coolness of the orange beginning awakens all senses. A light, seductive heart is filled with transparent jasmine and a May rose. Pure notes of patchouli and vetiver create a long train, emphasizing the harmony of the whole composition.
    Seductive female fragrances
  7. Decadence from marc jacobs
    Iris - one of the most unusual flowers, describeWords its aroma is very difficult, but it is impossible to forget. Thin and cool, elusive, like the finest silk, it gives birth to dreams in the soul of romance and eternal love. And the symbol of this love for him will be you.
    Seductive female fragrances
  8. Miss dior from dior
    Miss dior fragrance endowed with the highestSensuality. He is delicious, like an evening gown. In the fragrance floral notes are intensified to the limit, and the sound of the skin is emphasized due to the amber chord which merges with the nobility of patchouli. Tender vanilla fills with sensuality. The rise of citrus notes with a warm dominant of the mandarin continues the symphony of floral absolutes: a tender Turkish rose and a more fruitful Bulgarian rose.
    Seductive female fragrances
  9. Dahlia divin from givenchy
    His sound is very feminine, sensual,Elegant. Aroma, which can not be silenced, it can only be dissolved. The fragrant heart is fragrant with honey sparkling chord of jasmine sambac, which is intertwined with the flower harmony of delightful white flowers.

    The base of the composition dahlia divin sounds warm,Rich and velvety notes of sandalwood, seductive and spicy chords of patchouli leaves, framed by tender, spicy-earthy sensual notes of vetiver. All this unique combination of unique notes of aroma leaves a stunning, gentle, soft, harmonious wood plume.

    Seductive female fragrances

  10. Cuir de russie by chanel
    Ernest bo created for coco chanel in 1924Provocative and shocking fragrance especially for brave women who were not afraid to smoke in public places. This sensual fragrance is woven from animals and dark balsamic notes, frankincense and red juniper.

    Fruit mandarin and bergamot chords addIn the composition a drop of daring, and then give way to the grace and fragility of eternal colors: roses, jasmine and ylang-ylang. In this noble scent with a strong character concealed ambiguous secrets of femininity.

    Seductive female fragrances

Of course, this list has no borders, becauseThere is a huge amount of inviting perfume compositions. Tell us in the comments what spirits you consider the most sexy, and do not forget to share interesting information with your friends in social networks!