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Fashionable trousers for women

Pants in the style of buggies Increasingly appear in the collections of well-knownDesigners and not only as clothes for active pastime. Thanks to a convenient cut they perfectly combine the fashionable trends and comfort in movement.

Fashion trousers for women

Stylish buggy trousers

Style buggy originated in the late twentieth century and gave the name to the popular style of trousers. So it was called one of the fashion trends of street culture in America.

R'n'b and hip-hop performers preferred baggy loose clothing, including wide jeans and pants with a low waistline. This particular style is called buggy.

These are extremely comfortable pants, the cut of which provides maximum freedom of movement. This is achieved in the classical version due to four main distinctive features of the style.

Main characteristics

  1. Low fit in the waist: the trousers are fastened to the elastic band and the lace.
  2. The understated line of a step: the joint of the pants is always on the palm below the inguinal zone, and sometimes it can reach the knees.
  3. The design of the bottom of the trousers: a narrowed bottom, decorated with cuffs.
  4. Degree of fit: trousers differ free-cut, starting from the waist.

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for all women of fashion super-useful cheat sheet. 40 Unbeatable Styles Buggy for all occasions: With what to combine and where to put on.

  1. In the buggy trousers there are almost no restrictions on the color scheme. It can be monochrome or patterned models. The only taboo is superimposed on pastel shades because of the pajamas effect.
    Blue buggies
  2. And in the pants of this season's trendy khaki or "curly cabbage," as the famous pantone color institute called it, you'll look the most stylish!
    Khaki trousers
  3. The word baggy is translated from English as "baggy". Looking at some models of these pants, you understand that the name matches.
    Baggy pants
  4. This style has many varieties that can be worn at least every day.
    Fashion trends trousers
  5. Elegant yet very comfortable image.
    Black strong buggies
  6. Lineage buggy is very diverse. Modern women of fashion can wear this style not only as a sports trousers.
    Buggy in cold weather
  7. For the summer, buggies are made from lightweight fabrics with prints.
    Summer trousers
  8. The spacious variants of such fabrics are the best suited for hot days. Buggy is very easy to combine with a monophonic top.
    Model of summer buggy trousers
  9. In casual style, such pants are one of the most successful ideas of designers.
    Comfortable buggies
  10. Comfort, simple cut and restrained color - all this is especially appreciated in this style.
    Comfortable pants
  11. The influence of street fashion did not bypass the office style. Refined and effective.
    Stylish office image
  12. Buggy models in the business style look very elegant and perfectly combined with strict blouses and shirts, jackets and office shoes.
    Fashionable combination of clothes
  13. Such pants can be worn at work. While retaining all the advantages associated with the inherent in this style of comfort.
    Trousers with print
  14. just wonderful. Already want to myself such!
    Elegant image
  15. A universal suit in which you will look fashionable both at work and on a walk.
  16. As from the cover of the magazine!
    Stylish image
  17. Such buggies are not particularly popular. Pants made from denim can significantly weight the lower part of the figure.
    Denim buggies
  18. But if you can not give up your favorite jeans, options are possible ...
    Trousers-buggies from denimak
  19. Denim buggies.
    Grunge image
  20. There is something especially attractive in this cut!
    An interesting combination of clothes
  21. Universal image. Stylish, comfortable and beautiful.
    Harmonious combination
  22. Ah, I dream of such!
    Denim image
  23. This style does not hamper the movements and is very convenient for exercising, as well as for everyday wear.
    sports trousers
  24. Very popular buggy models, made in pajama style. They are very cozy and comfortable to spend the days at home.
    Trousers in pastel colors
  25. A jacket of a scythe and a buggy - what could be better!
    Jacket-plait and buggy
  26. Such pants will perfectly match with clothes in different styles.
    Stylish image for cool summer days
  27. Buggy will look equally good both with hoodies, loose t-shirts and sneakers, and with elegant blouses and jackets.
    With what to combine buggies
  28. Combining pants buggy with an elongated cardigan, jacket, leather or denim jacket, you will get a stylish and fashionable image for cool spring and summer days.
    Leather look
  29. The most versatile top for trendy buggies will be a free top, dressed in pants.
    We combine trousers-buggies
  30. Such pants will look good with a tight top, such as t-shirts, thin tops, turtlenecks, fitted blouses and shirts.
    Top and buggies
  31. One more option.
    Elegant image
  32. How tender ...
    Buggy and summer light top
  33. Buggy - it's these pants that never let you down in travel. They combine incredible convenience and photogenicity. But what else do you need on vacation abroad?
    On the road
  34. Yes this is just a vamp!
    Black buggy and jacket
  35. Shoes to buggy match according to the general style of your image.
    Free style clothes
  36. Slipknots, sneakers or shoes with high heels - it's up to you. Buggy is perfectly combined with any footwear. And summer models are easily combined with shales or sandals.
    Shoes and buggies
  37. This image can be supplemented with classic shoes of the same color as the jacket, and a volumetric bag.
    Ready set for spring
  38. Summer pale pink trousers will perfectly suit a white T-shirt. Pick up a small white handbag and boats in tone pants. As an ornament take a long gold chain.
    Gentle, summer image
  39. In the summer especially I want to be bright. Try to play on the contrasts: wide pants buggy add a white blouse without sleeves, black clutch and sandals in heels.
    Fashion trends trousers
  40. Pants with a color print and a leopard-colored blouse for a safari-style lover. You can complete this image with a free blazer, a discreet bag and tiger boots.
    Safari style

Except for a noticeable style, such pants distinguishesThe fabric from which they are sewn. Good news for those who prefer eco-goods: material for buggies choose only natural. It can be cotton, linen, leather, or denim.

In conclusion, it remains to note that initiallySports pants buggy has already confidently entered our life and, if a beautiful lady allows a silhouette, they should definitely be included in your wardrobe. Because it is truly the most comfortable, comfortable and yet very fashionable pants.

Flatter your taste and stay a little in the role of a stylist, choosing for yourself a bright and comfortable summer image. And do not forget to help your friends by sharing this article. They will thank you for that.