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Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2017

"Give a woman a pair of good shoes, and she will conquer the world!" - said the beautiful marilyn monroe, and she was right! Beautiful shoes do not happen much, especially in spring and summer, when every girl wants to shine and show off her beautiful legs.

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared 9 ideas Spring-summer shoes of 2017, Which will help you to be stylish and comfortable. Now I know what to look for!

Fashionable footwear of a season spring-summer of 2017

  1. classic
    Classic shoes-boats in this season lostPlace more modern models. The design houses haider ackermann and saint laurent have updated their exterior with futuristic metallic luster and an abundance of decor.
    Fashionable classics

    Dolce & gabbana demonstrated an interesting combination of shoes with a hairpin and socks. It is this combination in this season is considered quite fashionable. And how do you feel about this trend?
    Classic shoes and socks
  2. Platform shoes
    The high platform is gaining strength in all variations: a wedge, a platform with a wide heel and a completely flat platform. The height of the platform can vary from 3 to almost 20 cm.
    Platform shoes

    Compared with high heels, such shoes are much more convenient, and you can easily walk in it for days on end.
    Creative footwear

    Such options as salvatore ferragamo and versace, are made with a hint of sport. Sandals on a stable platform are much more feminine than the trendy sneakers in the past seasons on the platform.
    Flat Platform Shoes
  3. flat sole
    When it will be very hot, designers adviseTo change shoes in sandals on a flat sole. They are not only comfortable, but also incredibly fashionable. Pay attention to flip flops with an ankle strap that fixes the leg.
    Flat shoes

    And for those who can not give up shoes on stiletto heels, there are convenient options on a small heel.
    Sandals with a small heel
  4. Fashionable slippers
    Flip-flops are a symbol of summer. This year they can be worn not only on the beach, but also at a party, and even in the office.
    Slippers for a party

    Some of the models fit perfectly into the daily office wardrobe!
    Fashion slippers for office

    Such models will be an excellent option for the beach and rest by the pool.
    Beach slippers
  5. summer boots
    For a long time already, boots are not considered shoes for the cold season.
    Fashionable boots

    A real sensation on the fashion podiums produced boots-stockings of bright juicy colors or with a colorful print. Summer models have become even larger than their winter counterparts: their length is now maximized.
    Bright summer boots

    Just great, is not it?
    Summer boots with print
  6. Weaving and an abundance of thongs
    It's not just about sandals, but also about ballet shoes, shoes, boots, espadrilles and sandals. An important element is an elegant lacing with an accent on the ankle.
    Sandals with weaving on the ankles

    Fashionable shoes from the givenchy spring-summer season - 2017 are worn with socks!
    Ballet shoes with straps

    Such shoes look slightly old-fashioned and at the same time very stylish.
    Straps and weaving on shoes
  7. Metallic
    At the peak of popularity shoes with the effect of shimmering metal. Except for classic gold and silver models, fashion shoes are metallic colors with a holographic effect.
    Platform shoes

    Shoes, boats, sandals with silvery or golden shimmer will turn a boring casual image into a smart and festive one.
    Platform shoes
  8. Skin of reptiles
    Snake color acquired not only the top of the shoes, but also the heel. Thanks to this, the shoes look boring and very modern.
    Platform shoes

    And would you wear such shoes?
    Platform shoes
  9. Transparent shoes
    Another one Trend this season - Transparency. It can be shoes with transparent details on the top, a transparent heel or a wedge, and completely invisible models that allow their mistress to visually float in the air.
    Platform shoes

    According to designers, attention should be riveted either to the top of the shoe, or to its sole.
    Platform shoes

As you can see, the classics a little faded into the background. The emphasis should be on bright colors, futuristic shapes and an unusual combination of textures. Fashion shoes for spring-summer season The year of 2017 turned out to be extremely diverse.

Now it's up to you what shoes to buy, and for what only to look at the pictures. Be inspired, choose what is right for you, and be stylish in any weather.

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