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Every person is subject to passions ... someone does notCan live without gourmet food, someone all the time wants to gossip, and some do not mind committing adultery. Find out in our article which sins are found behind each The sign of the zodiac!!

Human vices

Horoscope of sins

  1. Aries
    This sign of the zodiac is ambitious. The impulses and aspirations of the rams to the primacy are so great that they compel them to compete everywhere and in everything. The stars advise them to slow down and try to enjoy what they already have.
    Horoscope of sins
  2. Taurus
    Calves sin with attachment to sensualPleasures. This sign of the zodiac likes to pamper yourself with exquisite food and expensive things. Rams should remember that real happiness can be obtained absolutely for free: hugging a loved one, playing with a child or a pet, after reading a fascinating book.
    Horoscope of sins
  3. Twins
    Twins are hypocritical. They are people who think one thing, say something else, but do a third thing. For the sake of achieving their goals, they often sin with two-faced statements. Often this leads to a rise in the career ladder.
    Horoscope of sins
  4. cancer
    Adultery is a sin of some representativesSign of the zodiac cancer. Violation of matrimonial fidelity is a serious sin! The stars advise crayfish not to commit rash acts, which they will later regret.
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  5. a lion
    Pride is the worst enemy of all lions. This sign of the zodiac needs to get rid of the bad habit of putting yourself above other people. Because the more a person raises himself, the more painful he will fall. Some representatives of this sign disdain communication with people of another circle, being afraid of complicity. This is a big mistake, since spirituality manifests itself in the openness of the heart to the neighbor.
    Horoscope of sins
  6. Virgo
    This sign of the zodiac is an amateur gossip behind others. The stars advise all virgins to be more careful with statements, and better - to moderate their criticism towards people.
    Horoscope of sins
  7. Libra
    Idleness - this is what this sign of the zodiac is sinning. Excessive enthusiasm for parties and rest can adversely affect the quality of life scales. Representatives of the air sign should learn to know the measure of pleasure and try to bring something more valuable in this life than an ephemeral feeling of idleness.
    Horoscope of sins
  8. Scorpio
    Unbridled passion or lust is peculiarSome representatives of this sign of the zodiac. Stars advise scorpions to avoid temptations in order to get rid of this sin. Frequent noisy parties, feasts and alcohol abuse lead to spiritual exhaustion. Scorpios should direct their energy to study, travel or play sports.
    Horoscope of sins
  9. Sagittarius
    Vain talk is the sin of all archers. They adore pouring from empty to empty, and also to tell stupid jokes in a big company. You should get rid of this addiction, otherwise you will not be taken seriously.
    Horoscope of sins
  10. Capricorn
    Greed for money - this is the sin of almost allCapricorns. For the sake of material wealth they are able to work hard and hard without rest. As well as calves and calves, it is worth remembering those life joys that you can get for free: love, friendship, hugs, smiles.
    Horoscope of sins
  11. Aquarius
    Disobedience is the main trait and vice of allAquarius. Many are proud of this quality, denying authority and someone else's opinion. Often disobedience leads to the fact that a person becomes stupid, listening only to their own dogmas. Aquarius should share the opinion of other people if they do not want to stay outside the society.
    Horoscope of sins
  12. fish
    The sin of unsolved talents is the main problem of fishOn the way to a happy life. Many representatives of this zodiac sign spend the best years on unloved work, instead of devoting time and a little effort to their favorite business. Fish should listen to their inner voice and develop hidden talents, making this world more beautiful!
    Horoscope of sins

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