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The World Conspiracy

Throughout history, people are trying to find Answers to questions of life. Especially we care if everything is by chanceOr we are guided by an unknown force. Many believe that the authorities hide the real truth, and whoever is behind this - we will never know. Hence the so-called conspiracy theory begins, whose adherents are convinced that poverty, wars, terrorism and other ills are the result of a secret collusion of certain persons for the destruction of ordinary people.

conspiracy theory

Redaction "so simple!" Decided to understand this issue and submitTo your attention some thoughts of the theory of a worldwide conspiracy. Because there is nothing wrong with it - conspiracies really were, are and will be, but the assumption of their existence still does not give grounds to consider this opinion true and blame others for their own grief.

World conspiracy

in the center The theory of a world conspiracy Is a secret society. In its composition ascribed to the first persons of the countries, and the richest people, and Masons, and even individual nations. The main features of such a society are globality, secrecy, omnipotence and, of course, malicious intent.

It's like a puppeteer, and we are in their hands puppets,With the help of which they achieve their goals. Yes, every year the congress of the most influential people of the world takes place, but we still do not dare to ascribe blame to them in all the troubles.

conspiracy theory

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As a rule, the peak of popularity Global conspiracy theories Coincides with periods of economic orPolitical instability, crisis. In this case, the reluctance of the broad masses of society to make efforts to understand the objective causes of the problem results in the search for simple solutions, among which is the search for enemies who are personally responsible for the misfortunes. Because it is easier to find the guilty than to deal with the situation that has arisen.

conspiracy theory

We have prepared for you the 10 most commonThe adherents of the theory of a worldwide conspiracy. Agree with this or not - it's yours. But if so much is said about this, then it will not hurt to be aware.

Conspiracy theorists

  1. As history showed, the most effective way Destruction of peoples - is the propaganda of alcohol, cigarettes, debauchery and racial confusion, under the guise of tolerance. These 4 factors very effectively destroy any nation and decay the whole country.
  2. Oligarchs are financial officers or simplyThe United States and the United States on the territory of the CIS countries to control all financial flows. The goal is to prevent the development of these countries and regions, by bleeding the country's economy.
    conspiracy theory
  3. The secret society itself comes up with epidemics and sponsors the development of the virus in order to reduce the population of our planet, and also to earn on the sale of a curative vaccine.
  4. As well as the media of Germany, the CIS countries are in the controlled information field of Israel and the United States. Just read the names of those who own 90% of all media.
  5. Terrorism is sponsored by a separate category of the country's elite in order to make the population hate a certain nation. Thus be ready to fight against it.
    conspiracy theory
  6. It is to reduce the world's population that the richest and most famous people sponsor the development of free vaccines for Poor countries. In the long run, these vaccinations lead to infertility in girls.
  7. Fluorine is added to the water. So people become obedient to the government. Unlike most European countries, tap water is not chlorinated in the United States, but is fluorinated. Allegedly the Germans and Russians specifically added fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to ensure their obedience.
  8. The crash of the Titanic was planned. This theory says that it was not the "Titanic" who drowned, but his "Olympian" that was drowned. Allegedly "Olympic" was damaged in the accident, and then the owners changed the ships in places and flooded it in the guise of a "titanic" in order to get insurance.
    Conspiracy theory
  9. All electronic and radio engineering devices Able to monitor For their owners: In them repeatedly found hidden microphones and cameras, as well as schemes for transmitting the encrypted signal through the Internet or in the radio. And in general, all social networks and the Internet were created to manipulate people and are strictly controlled by special services.
  10. Oil and gas companies are impedingThe spread of electric vehicles. They say, it was possible to switch to alternative energy sources for a long time, but this is completely unprofitable for people who own oil companies.
    Conspiracy theory

This is not the whole list. There are still many theories about historical events, including world wars and even natural disasters. Tell us in the comments, do you believe in the conspiracy theory, or are you a supporter of the thought that everything goes on as usual and depends more on the actions of the person. And do not forget to share interesting information with your friends in social networks!